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Our animals in spirit form

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I am doing so much better and it gets a little easier every day for me. I try and not think about his last day on earth but rather the good years that had together. You all helped me so much.
I have a question? Has anyone ever felt that their beloved animal has ever came back in spirit form to visit?
I have never had any such experience but my Mom has. One day we went grocery shopping and I decided to stop by my house first and unload my groceries. As she waited in the car she saw my dog, Lucy sitting on our deck and then watched her jump off. She thought to herself, "There's Lucy" but realized that Lucy had died a few years before, looked back up and she was gone.
I was watching Barbara Walter's special last night about Heaven and people that claim to have had near death experiences. One woman said that there were beautiful stairs leading up towards Heaven and at the base of the steps played cats and dogs that seemed so happy. Hugs, Camille
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The day Bubba died were sitting in the bedroom and I heard a thump on the dresser and a chinese medatation ball fell off the dresser.. None of my other cats were in the room.... Then just a few months ago the same thing happened with a flashlight that fell off the very same dresser... I know it was bubba saying hello..... I believe they do visit us from time to time!!
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Max was such a beauty. I do believe they visit us.
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I am sorry for your loss. *big hugz and kitty kisses from Seth and me*

I do believe that kitties hang around sometimes, after death. My beloved cat from my childhood, came to me the night of her death, and slept on my chest. It hurt so bad to feel her presence, but I understand that she wanted to be there for me!

I couldn't help but feel guilty that I could have done something to stop her death--so I think she wanted to let me know it was not my fault and that she loved me. She visited me many times after that in my dreams (in cat form) to guide me and let me know that she was okay, but whenever she visits now it's in a completely different form (I think she has moved on to her next life for sure). I miss her so much even now. I'm just glad, after 8 years, that I opened my heart back up and adopted another kitten. Seth brings me so much happiness, and I know that this is what my Punky wants for me!
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I think that you will find alot of members here feel the same. I don't feel like they all come back, but I feel strongly that my Ziggy cat has been around for a visit or two.
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In the months after my sweet tuxedo boy, Willy died, I had dreams about him every couple of weeks. They were always the same. I'd enter a room and he'd be sitting there on his favorite chair. I'd be so happy to see him and would reach out to pet him. Then, before I could pet him, he'd disappear. Every time I had one of these dreams it made me incredibly sad and miss him all over again. Finally, nearly a year after he died I had a different dream. This time, when I saw Willy I still wanted to pet him but, intstead, I told him to "go back to God." I woke feeling at peace and realizing I'd finally been able to let Willie go. That was the last time I had dream about him. I really feel that this was Willy's way of coming back to tell me that it was okay to let him go and that he's safe and happy.
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Love never dies no matter the source.
Animals feel the same type of bond and love for us as we do toward our pets.
I call it love, science calls it pavlovian responce neither can explain the common occurance of people reporting receiving visits from their pets or loved ones that have passed on.
So yes i believe beyond a doubt that our pets that have died can come back to us in some fashon to check on us and let us know they are ok.
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Sometimes it seems like they come to visit through our other pets. Frankie sometimes does things only bubba would have done and it was pretty unique!!
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