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Lasers - how fun!

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I just bought my first laser and am having so much fun torturing, er I mean playing with Chloe! She's very confused by it and even though I've turned it off she's still sitting in the corner where it last was and is meowing trying to find it! LOL! Too much fun! I can't wait to see my dad play this with her over the weekend! Just had to share!
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Just a caution, they can blind a cat if accidentally shone in the eye. As quick as cats move it is always something to keep in your mind.

We use small flashlights with the same result and less of a hazard.
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I also just bought my fist laser a couple days ago, and our cats LOOOVE it! Well I dont know if they love it, they are probably more confused than anything, but I Love it. So much fun!
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There is a very interesting article on this site here re lasers & cats (think I actually found the link from TCS somewhere).

It cautions the use of them with regards to frustating your kitty and has some dos and donts...worth a read.
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thanks for the update! i'll definitely look at that website.
hissy: i think that laser pointers are dangerous for anyone if shone in the eye. it can eat away at the vitamins in the eye and cause pre-mature blindness. however, shining the laser on the ground and not in the cats eye is safe.
*** I got a laser and they love it.... I will play with it for about 5 minutes, and then I shine it on a toy and start moving the toy and turn the laser off. Their focus is redirected to the toy and they have something to rip at with their back paws. ****
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I had one once and the cats did love it!
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Yes, they do respond well to the little dot, don't they. Ditto the warning about eyes - cats or anything else with eyes. Ever point a laser into a mirror across the room by mistake? Ouch!

I have one that I bought at Pe*s*art (chain store in U.S.) for $7.99. Cheap, as these things go. First one had to go back as defective. Did I say cheap? In the store they are more money, so go to their website first and print out the page for them to match at the brick and morter.

I use it extremely sparingly. Poor thing can't really catch it, and seems confused as all heck when I turn it off. It's really kinda mean when you think about it.

But for the quick business presentation, it works too. Just remember to replace the focus screen to the dot instead of the mouse before the big meeting.
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Yes! the laser light is the favorite toy between Beauty and Luna. Beauty is the type of cat that its an effort to move and she prefers to play laying down and swinging her arms (kind of like a turtle on its back). She will get UP and CHASE the light around.

Yes, I made the mistake of buying one at a Great Lakes Chained Grocery store for $7. The thing came broken and died within a week. A couple of weeks later I found a TON of them at the Dollar Store. I bought several of them and they work great!
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Yep, our 6 month old kitten Ling loves it. Our 14 yr old rex never did like the lasers - seemed ALL our females like it and NONE of the males did

Surprisingly, our lab has even gone after it - as long as she doesn't see what you have in your hand. The funniest thing is my husband likes to run the red light on the dog, but the kitten refuses to take the bait! lol
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Felicia loves the Lazer; Beau pays no attention to it.
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At first, Callie was afraid of the light. She's now come around to it, but she won't play for it for any length of time. One evening, I was playing with her using it and the neighbor's cat was outside our HUGE bay window trying to catch it!!

Hannah LOVES the laser and will start looking for the dot when I even reach up to where I keep it. She is so funny chasing it, too!!

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Mine love it! When I pick it up they start looking on the ground right away for the light, sometimes cats amaze me with how intelligent they are
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Originally Posted by Kitty89
Mine love it! When I pick it up they start looking on the ground right away for the light, sometimes cats amaze me with how intelligent they are
Same with my cat! Peaches Loves, it although I havnt tried it on the kitten yet, dont know where the thing went to try it out on her. But when I used to play with Peaches with it, all I have to do is click the button on and off a few times, and she runs at me when she hears the click, and looks around, just like Kitty89's cat! They ARE really smart. And I have also tried to shine the light on the dog, but Peaches wont go near him lol! Once, Peaches went so crazy with it, she tired herself out and collapsed on the floor panting...I never played with her that much sicen, seeing as it didnt look healthy for her...but it was cute to see a cat pant...
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Our kitties "take turns" at trying to get the dot. They will each go for about a minute, and then they lay down, and the other kitty gets to go. Sometimes near the end of the playtime, they both go at it, and then I also shine it on another toy, and they play with that toy to get the use of thier claws that theyve been trying to use on this dot but couldnt.
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Originally Posted by Kitty89
Mine love it! When I pick it up they start looking on the ground right away for the light, sometimes cats amaze me with how intelligent they are
whoa, mine do that, too! i also will move it up the walls & across the ceiling & they follow it! this was the only toy that would get Mouse moving. since she's been gone, i haven't used it nearly as much... hurts my hand to hold down that tiny button. i'm thinking of getting a laser level or something where i can turn it on & it stays on until i turn it off. i know i'd let them play with it for much longer if that were the case.
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