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As I sit and watch the remembrances on TV today of all the people who lost their lives in the tsunami a year ago, and during Hurricane Katrina and earthquakes in Pakistan, it makes our plight seem insignificant. However, for two people with a docile, soft, and beautiful cat who had to make the final decision today, it is extremely difficult. We haven't even bothered to open our presents under the tree.

Marsha held Willow in her arms at the vet's. She was down to 5 1/2 lbs from 10 lbs two months ago. She could barely stand up. She barely moved. When we put her back in her cage her tail end flicked several times. She WAS happy to see us!!

On the vet's bulletin board were posted the 6 times he came by on Christmas day to force feed and give her liquids! We certainly screwed up his weekend with his family. Talk about commitment. Willow's glucose readings were 17, 15, 17, 5 and then spiked to 29 this morning. She was getting more jaundiced.

His clinic in town (the only vet) is closed for two more days and I couldn't ask him to keep doing this since last Thursday. None of the other options we considered made any sense or gave us any guarantees. This story is over.

THANK YOU to all of you for your advice and suggestions. This website was the only place I found for additional support. It will be difficult tomorrow morning when Marsha wakes up and usually spends the first 15 minutes feeding and brushing Willow. Time heals all wounds as they say, and we will move forward.

We will make a small donation to this wonderful website. We wish you all a wonderful New Year and enjoy your pets. :-)
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so sorry for you to lose her - especially at christmas! you made the right decision for her, & she's happy now, playing with the other kitties over the bridge. to you at this sad time...
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I am so very sorry for your loss. I truly believe we see them again someday, healthy and whole, and a number of us, have frankly seen our passed on cats come back to visit us as if to say "we are fine and whole now and we will always be a part of your heart".

You have a wonderful, dedicated vet, please if appropriate, tell him how impressed I was with his kindness and caring and dedication.
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I'm so sorry. My heart goes out to you.
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My one cat is 5 years old and wont gain a lb. He only weights 6 lb, and the vet says , while its not harmful for him to be that light it couldn't hurt him to put on some weight. She gave us a jell, that contains everything he needs to stay healthy and put on lbs. We give him about 1 cc a day with our fingers and hes dong well, I think he now weighs 6lb 5 oz . It also helps to keep his blood sugar levels under control. He still only eats a little, but the vet says not all cats are big eaters. Good luck with your kitty.
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I'm so sorry you lossed your beautiful baby. You will be in my thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.
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So sorry to hear that, your vet truly is wonderful.
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She is at peace and soon you will be as well. It takes time to wade through the grief, and there are lessons to learn on this well-trod path. I wish you both the strength and courage to meet each day. Know that Willow is thanking you and soon you will meet again, in a different place where there is no pain, no confusion and nothing but love.

I have moved your thread-
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you and Willow.
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I'm so sorry you lost her, but I'm sure she's grateful that you had her put to rest, and that she'll be waiting for you on the other side. It's so difficult to lose a beloved family member, and they're never forgotten.
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I am so very sorry

please be kind to yourself at this time as you grieve the loss of your beloved Willow... she really is thanking you for helping her pass with dignity, hard as it was

RIP Willow - you will be deeply missed but never forgotton
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I am so sad for you. Reading this thread, I can really see the love and care you provided for Willow. Poor little girl, she just could not recover. You made the right decision, and now she is happy and carefree over the Rainbow bridge.

Rest in peace, sweet Willow.
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I'm so sorry for your loss of Willow. Your vet sounds wonderful, very caring. I hope time will heal your pain...
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RIP dear Willow
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I've just read this full thread with tears in my eyes

I'm so very sorry for your loss of little Willow, but you did everything you could and she knows that

RIP Willow, have fun playing with the other kitties over the bridge
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I was following this ealier but only just saw the last few posts. I am so sorry but of course you know you did right by her in every way. It is just so hard, the last few steps. I hope you find peace in the new year.
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My thoughts are with you in your loss. I know how it hurts, having just lost my kitty Candy on Dec. 27.
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Ah, so much of your story with Willow sounds so familiar. I just went through much the same thing at the same time with my Jasmine. Jasmine crossed the bridge on the Thursday before Christmas...12/22/05. I haven't been able to bring myself to write about her passing just hurts too much. I have the beginnings of a page here (on for her.

Jasmine was 12 and a half, and had been ill on and off over the past few years. She'd had bladder stones removed surgically, yet still got occasional bladder infections, even while on prescription food. One infection she just couldn't seem to kick early last year and she was on antibiotics for a couple months straight. Jas had always been a plump little piggy when it came to eating. She was the ringleader when it came close to feeding time and if I didn't watch, she would eat not only her food, but everyone else's too. Over the past year or so, she settled down and became more picky when it came to eating and lost about half of her weight (down from 12-13 lbs to about 6 lbs the last time we were at the vet last month). Some of that we attributed to age, and some to the different bouts with infections. My husband thinks there was more wrong with her that the vet never found.
This fall we were hit hard by Hurricane Wilma, and while we didn't have any damage to speak of, we were without power for 12 days. We did have a generator, but that sound put everyone on edge, and Jas got more skittish and picky about eating -- some meals she would just look at her bowl of food, then walk away and get a drink instead. When she didn't return to her normal appetite once we got power (and blessed silence), I took her to the vet. He talked about liver lipidosis, and hospitalized her for a couple days. When she came home though she was much liker her old self....energized and eating fine. That lasted about a month. Christmas week I noticed she was slowing down in her eating, but was still eating some, and I managed to get her to eat more by adding different things to tempt her. I knew I was going to have to take her back to the vet, but it was totally unexpected when my husband woke me that Thursday morning telling me that she had died.
I feel so guilty, like I failed her. I had been planning to call the vet that day to bring her in either that night or the next day.
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