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He is peeing on the bed...

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Our 4 month old kitten has just taken to peeing on our bed . As soon as my boyfrined comes home from work it seems that he goes to the bedroom jumps up on the bed and pees then as it seems i have only been noticing after he has done it and is trying cover it like he would in his litter box. I am sure he is trying to send some kind of message .I am hoping that someone else has delt with this problem before
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We had this with Molly at one point. Its work getting your kitten checked out by a vet if it has a UTI she may associate the litterbox with being painful uncomfortable, so may think the bed is a more comfortable place!

So we had to stop all access to the bedroom for all our cats for a few months (they were not happy) You then need to clean the mattress so there is no trace of the smell, Even if you cant smell it they may. We used a mixture of enzyme cleaners. Oxi action. Bi carb of soda. It took a while to clean it properly.

When we thought mollys toilet habits were ok. We slowly under supervision let her back in and now she's fine. It was worth keeping them out for a while even with the scratching at the door!

Good Luck

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Actually when they are that small, UTI's are quite rare. It is more of just that he can't hold it, he could be excited about her coming home, and in his emotional state, he just lets loose. How many litter pans do you have for them and are they close? Also you need to get rid of the urine smell completely or every three days he will jump up and refresh it- www.zero-odor.com has a good product for that.
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Originally Posted by hissy
It is more of just that he can't hold it, he could be excited about her coming home, and in his emotional state, he just lets loose..

I know that this is a sucky situation, But this is the cutest thing ever.....

He loves his daddy so much he pees the bed..... awwwwww.....

In anycase good luck.....Emmet used to be a pee on everything fanatic.....The best thing is to eliminate the smell.....

I actually ordered some of that Zero-odor stuff the other day to clean the kits cat tree.....

Good luck
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We have contacted the vet , they suggested a urine sample be tested
they also suggested that Harely may be having issuses with the other male in the house
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Ah, now see, you didn't tell us there was a second cat. Is the male intact or neutered?
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well the other male is my fiance
i am thinking because i am at home with Harley all day when Cory my fiance gets home he gets excited or upset and pees
we are going to get to the bottome of this problem eventually
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Oops sorry for misunderstanding. When you said the other male, I thought you meant a cat.
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that would make alot of sense though if we did haveanother male cat here
as for the peeing we are going to give it one last chance tomarrow then he is going to be put in his own room when we are not able to watch him till this is figured out
we have a brand new bed and bedding before we got him a lil less then 3 weeks ago too so that is what is the biggest problem he is a sweetheart though don't get me wrong , but everytime he pees now i have to bath him cause he steps in it all the time after the pees on the bed .
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He is still pretty young, and perhaps his mom didn't show him how to use the litter pan. I would give him several pans to use, not just one. Feed him in a small room with his food water on one side and his litter pans on the other. Keep him confined about one hour after he eats (make sure he has toys and things to occupy him in the room) then let him out.

Once you rule out an UTI you look to behavioral issues-

Generally when they pee on soft things, they are stressed. The bladder is a stress target for kitties. They pee on soft things then come back and either walk in it, or lay in it. This puts their scent on top of your scent (your item) and it calms them down. You would have to figure out what is stressing this kitten out right now.Any changes in his routine, no matter how small will matter to him.
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Have you tried shutting the bedroom door?
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