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sick kitten

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i have a kitten thats about 7 wks old and all day she hasn't been eating. I noticed that she had been throwing up a couple of times. The first one had food in it but this last time it was just white and clear. I am planning on taking her to the vet. But i was just wondering if ya'll could help me out here on what could be wrong and what i can do until i take her??
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I would try to give her fluids if you can - Get a syringe or eye dropper and try to get her to drink it - Dehydration can kill really quickly so this is important.

And obviously get her to the vet ASAP

Hope she is ok!
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drink what?? water?.... i know stupid question but i just want to make sure
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Please just get her to the vet, and do not force fluids rapidly on her or she might asphirate, then you have the very real danger of a kitten with pneumonia. But at her age, with the symptoms she really needs a vet.

If she is dehydrated- you can tell by the pinch test, just scruff her neck lightly while she is at rest and pinch, let go. The skin should fold down in seconds, if it stays tented up she needs a vet now She would benefit with small amounts of pedialyte to help her balance the fluids she is losing
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