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I'll admit it - I'm jealous

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I'm pretty new here, and I'm so envious of all of the collage pictures of all of your cats you guys have with your signature. They look so neat!

How in the world do you do that?
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You have to have Photoshop I think, something like that, which is expensive, something like $600, I've heard!!!!! BUT, you can have somebody make one for you. There are a ton of nice helpful members on here who do have the software who would definitely be willing to make you one.

Visit this thread:http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=49868 , then pm (send a private message to) whoever you want to make your siggy for you, and ask them if they will do one for you.
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There is a list somewhere on here of people who are will to make these pictures for you (they call them siggys...the pictures, not the people)
Someone will be along here soon to let you know who they are...just keep checking back.
Captiva made mine for me...and I`m going to attempt to copy and paste it here under my reply....I`ve never done it on an existing thread...so if it does`nt show up it means i did something wrong.
Welcome to TCS!
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Oh goody goody!!!!!!! I did it right! :-)
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Not as fancy as Photoshop, Microsoft Photo Editor & Microsoft Paint can be used to make a simple one.
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Originally Posted by stampit3d
Oh goody goody!!!!!!! I did it right! :-)
now, if you go to the 'user cp' panel, you can add it to your signature, & it'll show up everytime - you don't have to paste it each time.
i used MSpaint for my signature.
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Just wanted to let everyone know that I got my Paint Shop Pro 3 weeks ago for free! It was on sale on Amazon.com for $25 and there's a $25 mail in rebate for it! I'm totally in love with it! I wasn't on this site 3 weeks ago or I would have passed along the good deal. I'll pass it along if I ever see something like it again - I'm a compulsive freebie/bargain hunter!
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I use various programs but the main one I use is Photoshop..I couldn't do half of the stuff I do without it. And I only use Paint Shop Pro a very little as it can't do half as much!

I will say though, not only do you need the right programs but lots of practise too. This is something I learnt....but I am sure if you need any help learning people will be happy to help. Its amazing to look at what people started making and then seeing there work a year on etc

Anyway if you need any help give me a buzz and good luck if you decide to have a go at making something yourself. It would be lovely to see your cat(s) in your signature
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