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Lighting a candle for Bradley's cat, Lily

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It is with a heavy heart that I write this. Today, Lily, the beautiful cat that Bradley's family had for the past 20 years, has died.

Long story short, Bradley accidentally ran over her. She died instantly. She had not been well the past few days (she was 20, after all) and we think maybe she just wasn't able to move that quickly (even though Bradley purposely looked to see where Lily was before backing up). I have never seen Bradley so upset- he feels both guilty for running over her (though I'm trying to assure him that it was just a tragic accident) and grieving the loss of a cat that he's loved for 20 years.

RIP sweet Lily. Your beauty and sweet purr are already very missed.
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Oh my! Poor Bradley and Lily! I would feel awful too! Many hugs to you both.
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Please accept my sympathy for this terrible accident It it very hard to leave a cat that you"ve loved for twenty years I send all my best wishes
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Oh no pooooor Bradley.....He must be a wreck....I couldnt even imagine....

Give Bradley a big from TCS.....

And Lily may she RIP
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Hugs Bradley! RIP dear sweet Lily!
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I can't imagine the pain Bradley must be going through. to you both, rest in peace Lily...
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Thank you everyone . This has been really tough. We both loved Lily VERY much. I never really liked the fact that his mother keeps her cats outdoors, especially with Lily being at such a fragile age.

We put a few pictures of Lily up on our fridge last night and have decided to name our next kitten (whenever we get her!) in Lily's honor. Thank you for your support. Both Bradley and I really appreciate it.
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I'm so sorry to hear this. Thinking of sweet Lily and Bradley. I hope he can find comfort in knowing she had a long, happy life. It's so sweet that you're planning to name your next kitten after her. What a wonderful way to remember Lily.
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I am soo sorry for the loss of Lilly. Tell Bradley not to feel soo bad. My grandmother's dog, Red, perished the same way. She was pretty old and she started going down hill. Anyway, one day my grandpa was leaving, and he, as alway with dogs around, checked to make sure she or no-other dog was in the way, and when he took off he ran over something, it was Red. He was soo upset because they had her sooooooo long like 15 years and my grandpa tried to blame hisself, but you can't. after all he checked before he got into the car and she was no where around. I believe she wanted to end her pain she was staring to lose control of her back end, and walking was difficult and painful. But somehow she managed to get in front of the car in the short time it took my grandpa to get in and start it. I hope this helps Bradley feel alittle better-It was not his fault. RIP sweet Lily
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I'm very sorry for the pain and loss that Bradley is suffering right now. Sending many healing thoughts to you both.
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I'm so sorry to hear about terrible for Bradley and his family

RIP Lily
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I just saw this Amy...

I am so very very sorry. I wish there were words I could say to help take some of the pain away - know we are all thinking of you all at this time

RIP Lily - go fly with the angels now sweetheart
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Thank you, all of you, for your very kind words. Bradley seemed to be doing a bit better today- until he stopped to look at Lily's pictures on our fridge and he got a bit choked up . We really, really appreciate all of your kindness .
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Oh, that is so terribly sad. Poor Lily, poor family, and mostly poor Bradley. Condolences to you all for her loss. Hugs to him as he deals with this awful accident.

Rest in peace, dear Lily. You are free from pain now, and safely arrived in heaven. You were very blessed in life to be so beloved, now you can share your love with all the little unwanted furbabies who never knew love here on earth.

I love the idea of saving Lily's name for another very special girl! What a great tribute!
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Amy, I'm so terribly sorry this happened. Lily was so fortunate to have lived such a long life, I know that doesn't make it any easier but just remember Lily is okay now and not in any pain or suffering. I hope it get's easier for Bradley and his family.
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Originally Posted by menagerie mama
I can't imagine the pain Bradley must be going through. to you both, rest in peace Lily...
in my experience, the loss is even harder when you blame yourself. poor Bradley! to both of you during this time.
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Oh no! This is so tragic. Bradley, this is by no means your fault, but a terrible accident that could have happened to any of us. Please don't blame yourself. Precious Lily is now so happy and healthy in Heaven, and a candle burns in my home tonight in her honor.
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Oh no, I am so sorry to hear about this, and poor Bradley, blaming himself like that....I hope he cheers up soon

RIP Lily
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(((Bradley and Lily)))
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Oh, no, I'm so sorry that you've had to go through this. RIP, Lily.
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Condolences on your tragic loss! How awful for Bradley; it was an accident, but still.... Lily had a good, full life, but no time is ever right to have to say good-bye. I am glad that you are both willing to continue sharing your kitty-love with another yet-to-be Lily. Enjoy your reward over RB, Lily!
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Thank you all for your kind, kind words. It has meant so much for Bradley's healing. Christmas was tough to be at his parents' house and not be greeted by sweet Lily. She was such a beloved member of the family, but she was so old and we know she is in a great place now. You all have helped us get through this and I thank you all for your love and support .
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