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Why isn't it tomorow yet??

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Ok... I love going to school, I love what I'm studying



When classes are over, I'm done and I'm ready to move on to something else. Why then do I have to spend weeks studying for finals??

My last final is tomorow. I'm not quite ready for it yet (still a little bit of memorizing to do) and I don't want to study anymore. I don't even want to write the exam.

Right now I just feel like hiding somewhere and waiting until the whole thing is over.

I have barely studied at all today. Just looking at my notes was painful. I need to do more memorizing tonight, get up early tomorow and get some more last-minute memorizing done.

these smilies sum up well how I feel right now:

Can't I just use a time-machine and move forward to tomorow to get passed this painful few hours left?
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I know how you feel!

I was the same last year when I was doing my final exams so I could get my degree!!

You just want it over and done with!

I suggest you go and make yourself a nice hot chocolate and crawl into bed with some music and get some rest.

You won't be taking on any of the stuff you are reading properly anyways.

Then do a quick look over in the morning and then it'll be done!!

Good luck!
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Just immagine me with toothpaste all over my face and think to your self
** im so glad i dont have red dots on my face like fwan.. Id rather be doing my finals****
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Just think, "It will get better eventually, and after that i will be free, free, free!"
That usually works when i think about where i live....
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You'll do absolutly fabulous marie!!!!!!!!!!

Hang in there...Once its over you'll feel great.....
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Thanks everyone.

I wasn't getting anything done last nigth so by 8pm, I went to bed, watched a few Simpsons episodes and fell asleep.
Now it's 5am and I'm up. I'll get dressed, have breakfast and go to school to study until the exam.

Exam starts at 9am and ends at noon (or probably before... whatever amount of time it'll take me to answer two essay questions)

wish me luck!!
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oooooo goood luck Marie....

Lots of "You'll do great" vibes heading your way ~~~~~~~~~~~

I really do think you'll do great........

And just think......no more classes for awhile after this......

Good luck....
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Oh I wish you the best!
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