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Hello everyone. This is such a wonderful site. I had a health question about my cat this morning registered here and you all were so helpful.

I have 2 cats- Grace and Cassie. Grace is a 3 year old Calico I adopted last August. She has had a hard life- you can see it in her eyes, but she is so loving once she gets to know you.

I also have a kitten I adopted in December. Her name is Cassie. Needless to say, Grace is just now getting used to Cassie. Cassie has been a pistol from the beginning. She gets into more trouble than any cat I have ever met. I think she may be part munchkin. Her legs are still incredibly short even thought she is almost 7 months old, and her head is shaped like a triangle with big ears. She sits up like a prairie dog, and is unable to jump up on the counter. I saw an article in Cat Fancy that explained the munchkins, and Cassie fits the bill. She steals my pens and hides them throughout the house. Then I get the innocent look when I go to look for them.

I look forward to hearing from you all. Have a great Easter.
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Welcome cbruewer!! Grace and Cassie sound like a lot of fun. Hopefully we'll get to see some pictures of them soon. It's great that you adopted Grace as an adult cat. We need more people like you to adopt adult cats and give them the loving homes they need. They are just as much fun as kittens and they seem grateful to you for adopting them.

Hope to see some more of your posts soon!!
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welcome! I'm glad you found what you were looking for here.

I moved you to our 'new cats' forum
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Hello! Welcome to the site! Glad to hear we could be of help with your question. This site is great for helping people with questions, or just talking with everyone. It's a lot of fun. I just joined recently, and have found I spend a lot of my time here, posting questions about my babies, or helping others...or just having fun in the cat lounge.
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Welcome to you!!!! So glad you have joined us!!
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Welcome! I have to Agree with everyone else, this is a Wonderful Site!
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Welcome to the site! Hope to see you posting a lot. I'm glad you found the help you needed here. There are so many knowledgable people here. One of the moderators here, Sandie, is a Munchkin breeder, so she may be able to help you out if you have any questions about Cassie.
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Hi and welcome! Post pics of your kitties if you can!
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Hi! I haven't been around here, long but, its been fun. Its one place that people don't get tired of hearing about the silly things that your cats do.
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