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Okay, I admit it. I have been lurking for weeks. I finally decided that I should participate. The forums have great info and I like the cameraderie I see here.
FYI: I am a former dog person who was converted to cats by my husband. We have 6 now and are quite proud of them. They each have a unique story and with the exception of one are all rescues of some type. There are 4 girlies and 2 boys. I'll post more about them, names and such in the proper places on the boards.
I am looking forward to meeting fellow cat-folks.
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Welcome mslemon!! I'm glad you finally decided to join in. We all look forward to hearing about your babies and reading your posts. :tounge2:
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Nice to meet you mslemon! I look forward to seeing your posts about your babies. Sounds like you've got your hands full there!! I only have 2 cats, and that's enough to fill my spare time!!
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Hi! I'm glad you have discovered the joys of Kitty mothering, but you don't have to give up dogs. They're great too. Welcome. I'm glad you gave up lurking. Hey, maybe you are what is hiding in the bushes in our story on Paws and Reflect!! If so, confess!!
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Nope, not me secreted away in those bushes in the Paws and Reflect forum, but I might add a few things to it later.
I didn't really give up dogs, they have passed on due to old age and the same with the ferrets I had. I have always had a houseful of pets. I even maintained pets in my classroom when I taught in a private school. They were all certainly treasures and my babies. Now it seems cats fit our lifestyle better even though I am now a "stay-at-home-cat-mom". We like to take lots of day and weekend trips and the kitties allow us the flexibility to do this. We certainly enjoy our bunch and they are endless sources of amusement. I have posted their names and a little bit about each of them in the Cat Lounge.

Thanks for the warm welcome.
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Eeeks!! Sorry Im so late!! Just wanted to jump in here and say a big ol "WELCOME" to ya!! Take a seat... relax.... and stick around!! Hope to see you posting often!!
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I'm jumping in here late too! Hi and welcome! We're all glad that you decided to join! I'd love to see pics if you can post them!
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Thanks, everyone.
We are actually in the process of moving, but when we get settled in the new place I will post pics of the kids. I have some pics now but most are of them are individual ones. It is a bit of a challenge to get them all in one shot! Especially since Elmer and Aja like to get right in my face when I try to snap a shot and Cerise isn't a camera-ham. Of course I am a biased meowmie as I think my kids are all the cutest. But doesn't everyone feel that way about their own?
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hi!! looking foward to talking with you!!

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Just wanted to add my welcome to you!
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