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CH kitty

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I have an almost 3 year old Cerabellar Hypoplasia cat, plus the vet says he has arthritis now. I will do anything, spend anything on my little guy. Does anyone know of a better food out there, with no by products in it? I currently use Flint River Dry and Wellness Canned. Sully only gets 1/4 cup dry every day, plus 1/4 can of a 5.5 oz can in the am and pm, but am always looking for better for him. I have heard Innova is good, but would like input from others that have CH kitties as well.
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I feed Loki Life's abundance - no corn. wheat or other by products.

If you are interested here is the link

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Flint River and Wellness are excellent foods. I think there are several foods that are as good, but probably not any that are really better.

Did the vet say what caused the arthritis?

There is a Yahoo group for people with CH cats, it's very active and I would definitely recommend checking it out.
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