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Recall of Pet Food

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Those of you who might be feeding these brands need to be aware of this problem. If you are feeding any of these brands, please use the contact numbers provided in the press release.

I see one brand I feed my barn colony- which I will now stop doing and monitor their health for any problems.
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Hi...Thank you for this information! Luckily I do not feed my cats any of the listed food!
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Thanks a lot Hissy- I will keep an eye out
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Thank you Hissy ... I know someone who does feed one of those
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Ummm...That's what I feed my dogs! I am going to call Diamond right now!

I called them. They told me my dog food should be fine. Here's more on this. It has a list of states that the dog food contaminated may have been shipped to.
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Thanks for the info. I'm assuming if you don't live in the affected states you are ok?

I'll copy and paste this to my dog message board too as a lot of them feed Diamond/Kirkland. Thanks.
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very scary, just heard about the Diamond recall on the news.

they said 7 pets already died from contaminated food.
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Of course, this was in Trenton.

We did get a fax about this at work. But thankfully, none of us feed our animals this food. I feel very bad for the animals that have died from this. Poor things.
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It is really amazing to hear about diamonds... Anyhow I have stopped already and also asked my friends to do so. Thanksa Lot!!!
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Wow! We used to feed Diamond, but when the feed store ran out, dh bought the other brand instead, Kent. And one of our dogs was ill, and had a bad appetite. He preferred the Kent, so we have been feeding Kent to the dogs and cats since.

What a scare, because I remembered feeding Diamond, and reading this gave me a scare! That was too close.

I feel sorry for those families who fed poisoned food to their dogs. I cannot imagine how they feel right now. And the poor pets!
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I sent this info to our breeder b/c that's what she reccommended to feed Gibby, luckily I stopped feeding Diamond months ago!
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Just this very afternoon, I had my kittens in to see the vet ... my vet's clinic hosts an annual supplies drive for the local shelters and the bin was right out in the waiting room. I was fortunate enough to have seen this warning and identified a bag of the recalled cat food among the donations around the bin. My vet asked me to send a personal thank you to the original poster of this message (*hugs to MA*) for bringing this very important message to the ears of those who need to know about it. I emailed to her the link for the article so she could also have the listing of symptoms for animals suspected of ingesting this food.
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This morning on the news was a story about two local dogs passing away because of this food. How sad.

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i heard about this. the vet hospital where i work had only 2 cases (two dogs from the same family) come in so far. both presented with acute liver failure, one died over night, the other is declining. poor dears. no cats yet though

we have had alot of sick cases this week, too
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I received a similar warning from an e-mail that I subscribe to (the Fly Lady) regarding this recall:

Dear Marla,

Please tell all your flybabies to check and see what kind of dog food
they are feeding their dogs. There is a recall on a very badly
contaminated dog food on the East Coast that is killing dogs because
it has aflatoxin in it, a deadly fungal poison. The dog food is
Diamond dry dog food and has been recalled, but many people do not know.

Our lovely poodle was fed this and is now at Cornell in the ICU. Our
cat ate her food and died. It is so hard on our family. I wish I had
known. Please tell people to stop and check what kind of dry food
they are feeding.

Jane Marie

FlyLady here: I heard about this recall but when it wasn't the dry
food we feed our dogs; I just forgot about it. Here is a link to the

You are not behind! I don't want you to try to catch up; I just want you to jump in where we are. O.K.?

Simple Routines Do the Trick in 2006!

Copyright 2006 FlyLady and Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved, No reprint to other email lists or websites without FlyLady's permission.
You have permission to forward to a friend.

Check out our website:
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This might be a totally stupid question and I'm sorry if it is, but I just read on my Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul label, that it is made by Diamond...
Even though it isn't listed, do you think we should not feed ANY Diamond products, to be safe? Or go by the list? I just fed my cats 2 cans yesterday....
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they did say diamond dry dog food, if you are feeding chicken soup wet cat food, hopefully it is okay. i JUST stopped feeding chicken soup, for no particular reason, maybe something told me there was soemthing up. i dunno i wouldnt take a chance when there are so many other foods out there.
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Originally Posted by Jen
they did say diamond dry dog food, if you are feeding chicken soup wet cat food, hopefully it is okay. i JUST stopped feeding chicken soup, for no particular reason, maybe something told me there was soemthing up. i dunno i wouldnt take a chance when there are so many other foods out there.
Actually in the list in the link Hissy posted, cat food was on it, but not the Chicken Soup kind....but still?
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ohh oops it has been awhile since i read about it sorry, i thought it was just dogs, i dunno, if it can happen to one diamond brand, it could easily happen to others...i hate to give up on chicken soup though, i really like it, i was kinda thinking about switching off between chicken soup and authority or nutro or something.
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The Chicken Soup line wasn't affected:
If it makes you feel better, check to see what plant your food came from. Only the Gaston plant was involved.
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