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Kittie Bad

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My kittie Quickie, Right by the back door there is a ledge, To keep u from falling down the basement steps. kittie likes to perch up there. When ever one of us tries to go out the back door kittie runs out there and tries to get away. well then we have to break out the treats. she loves to hear the canester shake with the treats in it. she usually come to get a treat, then i snatch her and bring her back in the house. Well now she is getting wise to my little plan, and she doesnt come. so now i have to run after her. She is a very fast cat, thats where we get the name quickie. is there a way to get her to stop trying to get outside, it really makes me mad! Thanks for listening to my long post. Scott
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For most cats indoor life can be boring and the outside is so much more fasinating. Engage Quicky in regular play sessons with some of her favorite toys. Buy a couple cat nip plants she can munch on. Get her a bunch of the fuzzy little mice that cats love. Get a couple boxes and set them up for her as a hideaway. Basicly make indoor life as fun as possible.

Also if she wouldn't mind wearing a harness, take her outside for a walk. Make sure the harness is one she can't slip out of.

I'm sure other members will have more good ideas so just work with Quicky to find the best solution.

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The 2 things that have worked for me are making a loud noise anytime they are near the door and telling them no, and putting double back tape in front of the door. When they approach the door, the step on the tape and usually back away.
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