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Bad Boys....AGAIN!

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Toby and Tedy opened some of their pressies a week or 2 ago (they were on a shelf I did`nt think they could get to....WRONG!) Then I put them in my closet, which they have never gotten into. 2 of the new ones were catnip mice toys I`d made for them...even put them in plastic baggies after I wrapped them in tissue paper. Can you believe they got that bifold door open and got into those phgs again? I caught them in the act, and thought I`d rescued all the gifts and put them back (They are both banned from the bedroom now til after Christmas!)...then when I came out of the bedroom I saw Tedy had one of the little pkgs, had torn open the baggie and wrapping paper and was just taking the mouse out. He actually took a swipe at my ankle when I took it away from him. (Guess that means he`s going to like THAT Christmas present.)
I told them it`s a good thing they have a "mom" & "dad" to give them presents...cause they sure did`nt make Santa`s "good list" this year!
Aren`t cats fun though? It`s just about like having kids again...but what can I say??? I was one of those kids who always tried to sneak a peek before Christmas too....must be they got their noseyness from me, do you think?
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Your kitties are too funny. We celebrate Hannuka here and this year it comes after Christmas. We decided to wait for the after Christmas sales to get presents for everyone this year.

I think we wil be saving a lot of $$$ as we have to buy for each of the 8 nights and have kids, grandkids, dogs, cats, and snakes to buy for this year!
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Naughty Kitties!
I bet you wouldn't trade tham for the world though, would you?
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Nope , Crittergirl, I sure would not! No matter how "naughty" they are. (he he he)
Happy Hannuka Dragon lady! :-)
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Naughty kitties!
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