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Rescue kitty I want to adopt????

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The lady that is fostering the rescue kitty I applied to adopt sent me this message today. Please keep her in your prayers. Poor baby has been through so much in her short life.

Our girl dodged a very big bullet today! Yesterday's blood
test showed a white blood cell count of
over 30,000, which indicates a massive infection somewhere,
and my vet suspected a closed
pyometra. She called me at work this morning and asked me
to bring her in right away for emergency
surgery. She came out of surgery and is doing good.

Does this mean there might be problems with her in the future? (she wil be just a house kitty no breeding) I know next to nothing about feline female medical problems.
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I would guess they took away the uterus; (pyometra is pus-infektion of uterus), ie they did a sort of neutering. If so - they probably did the rest of a routine neutering too.

Hope she will get well after operation and sickedness - she will if God so wishes.

with a little luck she had a sort of neutering today - which she would have in any case especially as you want her as pet.

As I think I understand there shouldnt be later difficulties.

Good luck!
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I have no clue about whether she would have later difficulties... but I would still consider getting the kitty if you have already connected with her!
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Pyometra is an infection of the uterine horns. The cat is spayed so the part of her that held the infection is gone. There will not be a re-occurance as the body part is not there to become infected again. This is common in cats that are not fixed or bred.

She should not have any problems from now on as long as she is kept up to date on her shots.
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The news is good here: she should have a 100% normal life from now on. Pyometra is an infection in the uterus. Since they removed her uterus to get rid of the infection, it can't get infected again. It's a dicey surgery since the uterus could rupture and spread infection everywhere, but once the surgery is over if it went well she will be just fine. She is a very, very lucky kitty!
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that's such great news! yay!
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She will be fine after this, after a round of antibiotics. But, I'm assuming she's a little older to not be spayed and have a pyo, in which case, she has a higher risk of mammary cancer later in life. It's not guaranteed to happen, but she will need, yep, breast exams, routinely. You at home will have to monitor her over her lifetime for these. The vet can show you how if you're uncertain. Not saying you need to be feeling her every day, but just like us, she'll need to be watched. It is important to get her in asap if you feel a lump, as these can spread very fast.
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Thanks for the help! she is 14 months. Now I have to wait untill they know she is better, paws crossed!
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All paws crossed, for sure!
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update on my girl to be (paws crossed)

She is with us recuperating. She is doing very well, and her incision is about healed! My vet said her liver enzymes are up, so I've been syringe feeding her Hill's L/D (a prescription liver diet). We'll recheck her liver levels in a week or so, since it takes that long for them to come down. I'm having to syringe feed her the L/D, since she doesn't like it and refuses to eat it on her own! I'm hoping the levels are up because of the infection, but we'll see soon.

got a pic with this update please keep the prayers comming

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Aww. She's beautiful She looks like she's got a touch of oriental about her (well, more than a touch). Cats with infections very often have elevated liver levels, especially if they haven't been eating. With the proper nourishment and meds, this should come back to normal fairly soon.

Congratulations for giving her a loving, caring home
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