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The Queen Mother just passed away

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Here is the linkQueen Mother dies at 101 years old
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she lived an extraordinary life and died peacefully in her sleep. I hope we are all so lucky.

May she rest in peace.
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In Canada, we feel an extra kinship with the royal family, being a former monachist state. I have to admit she was my fav royal. She was a genuinely nice woman. It is sad the the Queen has to go thru so much in her 50th anniversary as Queen. 1st her sister dies, then young Prince Harry gets in trouble with drugs and alcohol, then her mother passes. It is not a good sign for the rest of her 50th year.
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That certainly is a great loss to her Country.
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It's very sad that the Queen has lost both her sister and her mother within such a short period of time.

R.I.P. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother
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from canada so sorry
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Of course it had to come eventually, but it's still sad for me. My father, mother, and sister and brother were all born in England and Scotland, and I can remember the Queen Mother since I was old enough to remember anything. She was such a LADY. I was not aware that Princess Margaret had died. So sad for Queen Elizabeth. God bless the royal family and all of the United Kingdom.
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That is very sad. She was a very good woman.
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Television coverage of this sad event has been
almost round the clock from the announcement of her death
at 5:55pm. The flags everywhere in my area ( I live
near London's Heathrow Airport, so a lot of the hotels
have flags ! ) are all at half mast. Also at the stables, I attend, which is owned by the Queen, has it's flag at half mast. I have
had the honour of meeting both the Queen and her mother, at my stables, and they made such an impression on the children and I.
The Queen's Mother was indeed a wonderful lady. May she rest in Peace.

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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God bless the Queen Mum!

Though 101 is a very respectable age to reach . . .

It has been a difficult year for the Queen, hopefully things will settle down for her soon.
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