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fostering kitty

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Does anyone out there live anywhere close to Hartland or Somerville New Brunswick ? I'm fostering a beautiful Queen right now. She is a really loving cat, who really needs a forever home after all of this is over. She will love you to peices, all she wants to do is sit on you and be with you all the time. I can try to post pics, once I figure out how to do it. If interested let me know and I can send pics to your email. Thanks.
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Are you fostering through an agency? If not, maybe one near you will post her at their site so more people will see her.

Good luck finding her the perfect home!
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I'm fostering cats for my local animal shelter. I am currently fostering 3 for the shelter and I have 3 of my own. I have found a home for the little kitten I have bottle fed since he was 2 weeks old, he has not left yet but will be goig soon. The queen is very pregnant and we are expecting babies anytime now. The other cat is a very beautiful cat she has long hair and is almost gold in color. This cat is part feral and we are working very hard to socialize her.
Thank you Beckiboo for your reply.
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It would be nice to find her a home before she gives birth. However, even if she doesn't tame, you will be able to tame her kittens!
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The pregnant cat is not feral. She is very loving and kind. I was talking about the third cat I am fostering. I am sorry if I confused you. I'm sorry if I don't always get back to your replys right away. I have a zoo here right now with 6 cats, 1 dog and 4 rabbits. The animal shelter has really put me to work. I love doing this kind of thing though. Thanks again. Crys
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Oh, I didn't read that very carefully! I have two of my own cats, and am up to 9 foster kitties currently. That is more than I have ever done before, and it is too much for me. I don't have time to give the right attention to that many!

It is rewarding, though, isn't it? If your pregnant girl has 5 kittens, you will be up to the same numbers I am! LOL!
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Fostering for my local animal shelter has been very rewarding. The people there are very sweet and I've met many new friends. This is a no kill shelter and they are over loaded right now.
I love what I am doing, even though I sometimes feel like I can't give everyone enough attention. I don't think there is enough hours to a day. I love animals, cats are really my thing. I love knowing I can do something that really makes a difference. This is what I remind myself of on the really hard days. Thanks again Beckiboo, your kitties are really beautiful. Hopefully some day I will get the time to learn how to post my own. Thanks again, Crys
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