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Oh working the week before Christmas

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My week has been hectic to say the least, and I am very mentally and physically fatigued, and SO ready for a holiday!

My boss just rang through to me and I answered the phone with `No can't do it leave me alone I'm tired let me go home I don't want to... ...can I help you?' His only response was, `I know, I don't want to either'.

Does anyone else ever feel this way at work???
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I've had a rather awful week thus far at work. This has been my 5th night shift in a row, my last adequate sleep was Thursday and I've had a headache for days. I'm tired and this makes everything a bit more frustrating. Thank you for listening.

I can hardly wait to get home to my babies, and the great news is, when this shift ends in an hour, I'm off until after Christmas!
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i have a headache from staying home too much.. wanna swap`??
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It's all yours, Fran!
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I can relate with you. This week is just draaaaaaaging by. I can't wait til friday because I have off and dont' got back till's gonna be a loooooooooooooooooooong 2 days!
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I totally understand, this week has gone by SO SLOW...only cuz I know that I get to go home TOMORROW!!! Oh I hope today and tomorrow fly by so I can get home to my family!! I haven't been home in a month so I am SO anxious!
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For some bizarre reason, my school district has given us the entire week off! A lot of other nearby districts are still in school through Thursday or Friday. The rotten part is that I have to be back at work bright and early on Monday, Jan. 2.
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I'm working on Christmas. Me and my ex alternate holidays with our son. Isaac will be at his Dad's house for Christmas, so I'm happy to have something to do that day.
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Fwan I'll swap places! any day of the week. This is terrible here!
We just had our Christmas lunch and you'd have thought we were at a wake. The atmosphere was non-existent
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This week is going so slow. We're not too busy since we don't publish the paper the last week of the year. I'm trying to work ahead on some stories, but can't get ahold of anybody!
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I love my boss for saying - take Friday off

But this week is dragging by sooooo slowly, no one wants to do anything, a lot of the companies we deal with already have staff on vacation so we can't actually get much done and we are driving each other crazy being stuck in a small office with not much to do.

Thankfully once it hits 5.30 tomorrow I am free until Jan 3rd (with the exception of agreeing to come in to help out for a few hours next Thursday because no one else can do payroll properly and I don't want the year end messed up when I get back)
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Arg! I would much rather be busy than what I've been doing at work this week, which is NOTHING! Thankfully I'm taking Friday off. I don't know how I'm going to fill today and tomorrow. Next week will be even worse since almost half of our office will be out on vacation, and I know that almost all of our clients will be taking next week off too.

Anybody got some work to give me to do? No one in my office does! LOL
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Originally Posted by valanhb
Anybody got some work to give me to do? No one in my office does! LOL
Would you like to find me an outfit for New Years eve?
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This week is dragging by soooo slowly! I'm off all next week, and don't have to be back at work until the 3rd! So not only am I looking forward to Christmas, but also vacation! 5pm Friday can't come soon enough!!
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Oh tell me about it! I spent a good portion of the day playing with Google Earth. My weekend will be nuts too. Tomorrow night I will be cooking for our Christmas dinner at work on Friday, then as soon as I leave work DH and I are heading to TN. We won't getting in till about 3 am. Then DH's mother decided to have our Chrstmas dinner on Christmas Eve and that is starting at noon. Then church that night. Then Christmas Day will be spent with his dad and Grandma at her assisted living place, then we will either sleep for a bit and hop in the car early monday morning, or we will hop in the car and drive back 9 hours home. DH has to check in at the base on Monday before noon. I took Tuesday off becase we were going to stay untill then, but that was before he had to 'check in.' I'm still taking it off though, I'm gonna need the sleep! Oh and Monday we're having Christmas with my parents.

The somewhat good news is, I will be down to one student next week. That's also the bad news. I just don't know what to do! I'm just praying we'll get some good refferals for people that need clerical training. Or I may have to start working placement! My co-workers keep telling me to enjoy the down time and not fret, my job isn't going anywhere. It's just been since August since I've had a full class.

On the up side, DH and I will be spending this Christmas together! We've spent them apart and they are no fun! That makes everything else just fall away when I think of him.
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YES! I know exactly how you feel! The week has gone quickly in a way but its still dragging along and I feel I badly need a holiday too, the closer it gets to christmas the harder its getting here at work! lol. But I am so happy because I finish for Christmas tommorow and don't go back until Jan 3 - I think, the bosses havent informed me yet.
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Only 1 and a half days of work left and then I'm on holidays until the 9th!!!

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I work till 4 pm Xmas eve and back to work tuesday am

Yes I am exausted...
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I work Thursday, friday and xmas eve, I have Xmas off, then back to work bright and early Monday morning! I'm even working on my birthday New years eve.
But on the plus side, I won the battle and I get new years day off!!!!!!! Finally a victory for me!!!!!! I just hope it goes as planned, and everyone shows up as scheduled the next two weeks.
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And I'm interested - what does everyone who's replied here do for a living?

I'm a medical secretary for a Gastroenterologist.

(And an animal-trainer-in-training! lol)
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I have to work until 6:30pm Christmas Eve.

I work 1-9:30 tomorrow.
Friday 9-5:30
Saturday 9:30-6:30.
Then back to work Dec 26th at 7am!


My kids will be at their dads from 7:00pm Christmas Eve until 1:00pm Christmas Day.

As you can guess I work retail. (Lower management for a major retal store)

I never get to see my kids any more at night and I am begining to wonder if it's worth it I close four times this week.

Plus customers are soooooo miserable this time of year. I try to kill 'em with kindness but it doesn't always work....

My boss is cranky and a bit of a jerk this week.

My cats have stopped sleeping with me and instead are sleeping in front of the fireplace where it's warm.

I know......

I just remembered the song from Charlotte's Web..... Chin up, chin up.....

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Everyday also....
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I worked today 12-5pm and I have tomorrow off but I am working christmas eve 5-10pm and boxing day 10-7pm

I work as a checkout chick!
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I am now struggling for work also so will probably be on here all day (whats new...?)
I work in the social work department for the council. Its not fun and the people talk about each other behind their backs all day, I just want it to be Christmas.
Is anyone taking their cats to families over Christmas and worried about how they will act in a strange place?
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Nope, thankfully we never go away for christmas so the babies can stay home.
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I have to work today, tomorow morning, wednesday, thursday and the morning of next friday. I mean Please just shut down the office like normal people!!
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6 hours left....
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50 minutes left... oh this time difference thing has its advantages
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