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Kitty in the cupboard

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My cat has recently discovered that she can get into the kitchen cupboards (when I'm at school of course). I've tried taping the doors shut but she will not be denied. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Hi - if you allow your cat on the counters then try the velcro ties people use for computer cables - they are
quite handy/sturdy . I used one to tie the feezer door to the Fridge door - mine used to open the fridge otherwise.

....or you teach your little one to stay of the counters
thereby eliminating entrance to the cabinets. Good luck
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My parents use those strong plastic hooks (on the inside of the doors). They are marketed for keeping babies and small children out of the cupboards. I find them HIGHLY annoying, however. You cannot open the cupboards all the way with out pressing down the plastic hook. But, they do work.
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There are also small sensors you can buy that emit a few loud beeps when it detects the motion, it scares them and they get the idea that it isnt worth it.
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We recently had the same problem with our cat Figaro. We went to the hardware store and got the magnetic latches and installed them on the cupboards so he can't open them. He had gotten into the cupboard with the cleaning stuff etc., and obviously gotten into something that made him a little sick for awhile. Now he can't get into the cupboards and since has not been ill. They are only about $2 to $3 each and are easy to install. Good luck!!!
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This is a somewhat extreme measure, but they do make mats that run a VERY MILD (but effective) shock to the cat when they both they put both of their paws on it. They learn quick where they should not be.
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