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Canned Food

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How often do you give your cats canned food?
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Both of my cats receive canned food twice a day. However, Tori mainly picks at it during each feeding time as she prefers dry. She’s extremely picky about food, but we are working on it.
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Zoey started with two bites a day and is up to about a tablespoon...

Kandie before raw ate 6-10 ounces a day
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Dee and Tyler get 15 oz each offered to them per day, and eat most of that. That has Dee Dee a bit heavy, but barely keeps Tyler slim not thin...but then Tyler has various health issues.

Patrick when he's eating well and on his own gets canned food at least 3 times per day and free choice on dry.
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Shenandoah gets 5 oz a dry food as he will not eat it.

Humble will not touch wet food and eats only dry. he gets 1/2 - 2/3 cup a day.
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"How often do you give your cats canned food?"

Everyday, at every meal with a little RC dry food.

I see from your sig you have a bunch of kittys so you may not be able to do that but as far as their health is concerned, a high quality wet/canned meat is so much better for them than a dry food regimen only.

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My 4 cats each get 1/4 of a 5 ounce can twice a day, which means 2.5 ounces per cat, per day- and I go through 2 cans a day. They are also free fed dry. Of course, some eat more than others- hijacking leftovers is common.
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my 3 get 1 can to share each evening, when i'm there [i'm currently recuperating from surgery at my mother's house]. Pixel's not really interested in wet food, so basically Cable & Java get 1/2 a can each. all the kibble they want - it's always out since i'm usually gone all day. during my visits, since i'm not there every day right now, i've been giving them 2 cans, but i'm only able to go there every couple of days. depending on how large Java gets [i don't think she's finished growing] i may need to go to 1 1/2 cans a day. these are those cans the size of tuna fish cans.
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Originally Posted by emb_78
How often do you give your cats canned food?

Twice a day, morning and evening.
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Usually morning and evening, but if I am home during the day they get canned food pretty much whenever they ask for it. I'd rather have them eat canned than dry anyway.
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I give seth about 3 oz a day of wet canned food, mixed in with her dry food. I finally found a brand of dry food that she likes as well!
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Only kittens get canned food when weaning. My adults eat dry with some people food on occasion. I've gotten canned for the adults if they are sick and won't eat dry.
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My kittens each get about a tablespoon each morning and night. My feral won't touch it.
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D'ann gets 1/8 of a can twice a day and Sakura gets the bits in the bowl that d'ann doesnt eat. Its funny because if I give Sakura her own she wont eat it but she loves to eat food that doenst belong to her.
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