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Male cat cooing noise...

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Hi, I just joined this site and have a question. I have a 9 month old male polydactal cat named Mittens. He's quite a handful. Likes to play all the time. When he plays with his toys he makes a "cooing" noise. Kinda sounds like a pigeon I think and dont know why he does that. He does it when he runs around also or attacks my legs. Also he likes to bite hands. He never has before really but now he does it kinda hard. I dont know if I'm posting this in the right spot or not and sorry If I posted it wrong. If anyone knows what that cooing noise means or how to stop the biting please let me know. Thanks.
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Hi and welcome!

All kittens like to bite hands - but it's not a behaviour that should be encouraged. You need to redirect his biting when it starts to a toy or something else that's acceptable for him to bite. A low `No!' or a gutteral hiss will also startle him out of this behaviour and act as a negative reinforcer. Redirecting, though, is the best way to draw his attention to things other than your hands to bite. He needs to bite, kittens do as part of their play, just not your hands!

Don't know what the cooing is - it could be a sound of excitement or affection, or it could be his version of a playful growl. It sounds really cute!

Is he spayed, btw?
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Our male cat - Percival - is part Maine Coon (according to the vet). He doesn't meow at all, but makes a cooing or a chirrip sound. When I read various things about Maine Coons, I found out that is the vocalization they tend to make.

It is cute but it sounds kind of funny coming from a huge 16+ pound cat.
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Sleeves 'coos' a lot, mainly when he's just walking around at night time, and it sometimes turns into a little miaow. It's a similar noise to the one he makes when he's watching a bird through the window or chasing a fly. However I have no idea what it means
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Yes he's spayed. It is a cute noise when he does it
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Originally Posted by Mittens1
Yes he's spayed. It is a cute noise when he does it

If it causes no harm to anything and he's not in distress, I'd enjoy it! Sounds great! He loves you and is telling you!
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