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Happy Saturday! aka our D.T.!!

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Hi friends!

hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. It's just now noon and I have had a productive day already.

Got up around 9am and loaded & ran the dishwasher, made ice tea on the stove and went to water aerobics. Came back and unloaded the dishwasher, made omelets and hashbrowns for brunch and now I'm relaxing. Laundry is all done. Did that on my friday sine I had the day off. All that's left to do for the weekend is go to the grocery store.

We're thinking about seeing a movie either today or tomorrow. Just kind of playing by ear.

What are you all up to?

What's on the menu for Easter? It's just going to be the S/O and I, so I'm making turkey cutlets, mashed potatos and oriental green beans. Nothing major but still more fancy than what we would usually have. There's not a chocolate bunny to be found in this house probably for the best :laughing:
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Sounds like you did have a productive day so far airprincess! I, on the other hand, just woke up about 45 minutes ago, I had chips and dip for breakfast/lunch, and my boyfriend and I are going to watch Jurrassic Park 3 after I'm done here. As for the rest of the day, basically playing it by ear, like airprincess. It's windy today, but the sun is shining!!
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It's certainly a gloomy day here on Cape Cod but I went out anyway for a run with my dog, Scooby. Surpisingly there was a lot of people out in the woods today. And I thought I was the only one who took the chance of being rained on for the sake of my dog's exercise.

There's a million things I should be doing right now, like the dishes, vaccuming and going on poop patrol in the backyard but instead I'm catching up on posts.

For Easter I'll be heading over to my anut's house and I'm having mixed feelings about the large amount of food over there.
Maybe I'll eat something before I go to keep myself from eating myself silly.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and for those of you who don't celebrate Easter have a happy Sunday!
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Nice and sunny here. Got an early morning ride on Racer, he was tremedous! Wish we could hit the trials, but there are still really muddy so all we did was round pen work. Mike made me this saddle mount that fits on the round pen, so I can sit the saddle on it without having it fall on the ground. Right now my portable lawn mower is in the backyard munching grass and I have to hit my school books. I have class starting again on Monday.

Happy Easter all!
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Warm and sunny and working all weekend. Should get swamped with all of the last-minute Easter shoppers, today. Bill and Opie will keep busy with the laundry, today. Opie is calming down, from the full moon. He gets the crazies, for about an hour a day, now.
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Rainy here but looks like it's clearing.

Jim brought by a new tv for us. I expected something second hand but he got us a lovely new set, much more than was called for. Ticked off his "roommate" but for me that's just an added bonus. Sorry, that's really petty, isn't it?

Received a box of the cutest little Easter stuff from my daughter's grandmother. She is very kind to us, very generous. And she likes cute things (I'm not a cute person) so she picks good stuff for a little girl.

My kitchen looks gorgeous, spent most of yesterday taking care of it. I need to get the cat box good and pack a few things, then we are off for the holiday. This is good for us. To be busy with friends and family, what could be better?

Hope you all have a fabulous Easter! (And if you're celebrating something else, have a great one of those!)
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Currently rainy, windy and cool. Went out to do some errands today & couldn't resist getting some Easter presents for the furbabies! Of course, once I got home, couldn't resist giving them their presies right away. We played for about 1 hr and then had lunch. Watched Animal Miracles on Life network (hosted by Allan Thicke). Spending the day tomorrow with my parents, but we will be bringing my in-laws with us - fortunately everyone gets alone. Hubby is having a nap - he has a nasty headache - so I thought I would catch up here! I think we are going to get take out for dinner - I'll get souvlaki and hubby will get fish and chips from a local greasy spoon (they make the best food!) I hope everyone has a safe and blessed Easter.
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I have had a productive day so far. Went and got the oil changed and transmission flushed. When did it get so expensive??? Some friends are coming over this afternoon from out of town so I had to do the rush cleaning thing. Hubby has been in charge of cleaning the kitchen since he is the one who cooks. Big mistake! There were some really nasty things in there. But I got it (mostly) cleaned up.

It is nice outside, a little overcast but still warm. The kitties were very happy that I opened the patio door so they could get fresh air.

Hope everyone has a great day and Happy Easter (or just Happy Sunday!)
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