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Dear Bubba it's been one year Dec 22

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Dear Bubba,

It's been 1 year since you looked at me with your earthly eyes. I miss you so much! There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you. You were my very special baby. You were born into my home and never left me for 14 1/2 years. We went thru alot together, good times and some hard times. You were always my inspiration for all the hard times. Bless you Bubba... I love you!!

Your Mama cat Mort Is getting real thin and we are really trying to keep her going with sub-q's. When the time comes for her to cross over I know you will be there for her.

We have a new addition to the family, I suppose you already know that because I truly believe you had your paws into Frankie coming into our lives. He is very special like you!!

I know that you have come to visit us from time to time, because you keep knocking things off the dresser where your picture and ashes sit. I know it was you because your brothers and sisters were not in the room when these little signs took place. Rick and I were the only ones in the room.

You know you are always close to my heart, and I love you very much.....

Your human Mom and Dad,

Kim & Rick

In memory of Bubba

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What a wonderful tribute to Bubba.
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Awwwww Bubba you were loved so much sweetie
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What a great tribute to your Bubba. He certainly must have been a very special boy.
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How sweet, stuff like that always makes me cry
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Thats lovely to write to Bubba and its good to know that he's still with you from time to time in spirit.
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What a lovely tribute. RIP little one.
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thankyou for sharing this special tribute to us what a gorgeous kitty as well - whom no doubt is creating some trouble at the bridge

continue to watch over your Mom & Dad little angel

RIP sweet one
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What a nice tribute. Rest in peace dear Bubba!
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A very beautiful tribute to a very beautiful boy. Bubba was so lucky to have a wonderful family who loved him so much and to have shared such a long life with you.
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Thank you for all your kind words... I really miss him alot! A year has passed and I still wish I could snuggle with him again! Now his Mom cat is getting ready to cross over and it is just so heart breaking... I hate saying good bye to them.... Such special little souls that love us so unconditionally.
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I am sitting here at work and I have tears in my eyes reading this. What a beautiful tribute to such a wonderful friend
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Kim & Rick: My thoughts and prayers are with you. I know this is a difficult Christmas.
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What a moving tribute to Bubba. I hope I can write something as eloquent next year when it is the first anniversary of Jasmine's passing....also on Dec. 22nd.
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Kim & Rick, how emotional your holidays must have been, thinking of Bubba while you care for Mort. My heart goes out to you as tears flow for you.

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It does me, too. What a lovely tribute to a special kitty!

Originally Posted by Rang_27
How sweet, stuff like that always makes me cry
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What an amazing tribute to Bubba! He was a such special boy.
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