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Nervous new cat

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We added Stella, a 1-2 yr. old cat, to our menagerie of 2 neut. male cats (Smithers 10-11 yrs. old and Rusty 6 yrs. old)) and 2 neut. male dogs (Gatsby, a Greyhound and Gordy, a Golden Retriever mix) Thanksgiving weekend. Stella is okay with the cats, and will tolerate Gordy, but she's still pretty leary of Gatsby. For a while, if we were all in the same room and the dogs were laying/sleeping peacefully, she would sit in my lap for a bit. If Gatsby got too close, she popped him on the nose and he backed off. If she did start to run, Gatsby tried to chase her, but a firm "no kitty" stopped him. However, for the last several days Stella has been spending more and more time hiding under the our bed coming out only to eat and go potty and doesn't want to sit in a lap or join us on top of the bed at night.

I was reading some of the earlier threads about using either Rescue Remedy or Feliway. Does anyone know if Feliway has any effect on dogs; what effect might it have on the other two cats who don't have behaviorial issues? Would it be worth it to try one or the other and if so, which one?

I'm open to any other suggestions how to help her adjust to her new home.
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Such a short time to be introduced to so many animals. You should really separate the new one from the resident for awhile so that everyone can adjust on their time and not yours.
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Agree with Hissy. Having a greyhound has additional challenges for you, as they have such a strong chase instinct bred into them over the last 5000 years. Lived with 2 greys for a while (with 11 cats) so have dealt with this issue.

It doesn't matter if the grey is used to living with cats. If a new one comes in, is scared of him and bolts, the greyhound will be tempted to chase. It is not pretty what happens. Slow down, get Stella calmed down in the house before you put her back with Gatsby.

Also suggest that you if you don't have them already, get yourself some tall cat trees to use as get-away perches. Cats seem to like looking down upon dogs and gives them a sense of control.

Good luck!
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Thank you both for your comments. After dinner last night, Stella stayed out in the kitchen, laying on one of the chairs and just kind of taking in what was going on. She slept on the chair all night as was eagerly awaiting breakfast. We are going to take things much slower; petting and speaking softly to her, giving her treats when the dogs are in the same room, and praising the dogs when they ignore her. I do have cat trees in the house positioned in front of the windows. I'll keep you posted.
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