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Jeanie: Band of Brothers was an HBO mini-series of 12 one hour episodes following one company of paratroopers from training through the capture of Eagle's Nest, and then a special interviewing the actual surviving men of Easy Company. We Tivo'ed it when it was originally shown, but have lost 3 episodes. They are re-showing it starting in April and it is supposed to come out on video and DVD later this year. It is long and pretty graphic, but it is incredible. It is something that I think everyone should see at least once in their lives just to understand what really happens in war, as well as the history of World War II.
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After reading this, I realize I too forgot a few of my favorites!!!

Deb25, I'm with you on Shawshank Redemption, I've seen it a hundred times and I still love it!!!!!! i love the look on that wardens face when he realizes how he's been tricked!!!!!!!!!

And I also forgot to mention The Green Mile ( I also read the book first) and Dances with Wolves (Nena you are right, that's a great one!)
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Although I have seen many of the movies mentioned here, and have liked many of them, I would have to say my all time fav is The Big Chill. I love the character study and there is a "certain symmetry" to it. (as said in the movie)
One of my favorite lines I always used with my students or son, whenever they protested an adult decision was said by Glenn Close to her daughter: "When you grow up, you can be mean." I used to watch it every autumn. It was like visiting with old friends.

The other movie I like is A Christmas Story. I used to show this movie every year to my class as part of their Christmas treat. I guess because I live in the area where the story is set, that is another reason I find it neat. The class always got a kick out of it, too. That used to be something incoming classes looked forward to when they were in my room.
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A Christmas Story is one of our traditions! It just isn't Christmas without Ralphie!

You'll shoot your eye out! You'll shoot your eye out!
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Valanhb, yup, that's how it used to be. I have watched the other movies narrated by Jean Shepherd, (sp?) but none are as engaging as A Christmas Story. And I can still hear the sharp intake of breath by my 4th graders in the parochial school when the line, "Ooooohhh FUUUUDGE," was said! That was always a riot!
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