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X-mas tree problems

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Hey I heard somewhere that X-mas tree water causes gastrointestinal problems in cats.....is this true????

Even though Mabby has fresh water all the time...She insists on trying to drink X-mas tree water.....I have been able to catch her most of the time...And I have even linned the stand with alluminum foil and duct tape to prevent her from getting in their....

However my bratty little Mabby has looked at this obstacle as a personal challenge and has become more and more presistant....

So I wanted to know the dangers of kits and x-mas tree water....she gets very little if any at all...mostly cause either John or I get to her before hand...And if the water is dangerous how much does it take to create a problem???

Also I know bitter apple and lemon deter cats....I have lemon extract, which is just lemon essence, would this work as well...If not I do have lemon juice...

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I have heard that it was poisonous for cats to drink the water that the tree sits in.
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I'm not real sure about the drinking from the tree stand thing, but Oliver enjoys drinking from the watering can filled with the dirty water from the fish and frog tanks that will be used to water the tree! haha I caught him doing that today, as I just cleaned the frog tank so the watering can is filled to the top... crazy cat (ps: fish/frog tank water is great for house plants! lots of nutrients!) As for the actual xmas tree, he's been a very good boy! As some of you've read, Oliver is mostly confined to my room at home due to mom's allergies and the dog but he's allowed out during the day to roam the house... well we put up the xmas tree on Saturday and he doesnt seem the slightest bit interested in climbing it but LOVESSSSS hiding underneath and peering through the branches at anyone in the living room, hahaha
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