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Lola, another white cat for me!

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This is Lola. She is a feral/stray that my neighbor had been caring for. She asked me to take one of the kitties she was caring for because he dog is a cat killer. This little girl made my heart melt. Her claws really need to be clipped, she needs a bath(her fur looks yellowish), she has re-developed a cold, but she is so sweet for a feral. She is still shy, but she is snuck up on easily. She is like Twitch in every aspect. White, blue eyes, deaf, & I was checking out her teeth & they look kinda bad. She might need them all to come out eventually. Her age is estimated at 3-4 years. She is rather small for her age.


Now all I have to do is make her beautiful & find her a home! I would keep her, but Twitch's medical bills are starting to add up & Lily has to be spayed. I don't think we can afford another cat right now. Right, so who needs a white cat? CoolCat? I bet King Milky could use a friend!
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What a doll!
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Aww, she is such a pretty girl! I sure hope you find her a wonderful, loving home. At least she will be happy and warm with you now.
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she is such a beautiful girl
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White cats are so pretty!
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Oh my goodness she's stunning!!!
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Gorgeous Girlie!
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Too bad I cannot take on another cat just yet....my next cat is going to be all-white hopefully and Lola is just beautiful! (as is Twitch!)
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She is beautiful! Amazing that she survived as an outside cat for 3-4 years being deaf.

If only you lived closer to Denver - my friend, a major fan of deaf white cats, has a household of boys and wants a queen to grace them all. She had a beautiful deaf white boy for 14 years who she lost to CRF, took a few years off and adopted another early last year. Cumulus (her first) had gold eyes and Mojo (her current) is odd eyed (blue and gold). Mojo was born in a barn and after all of his siblings were killed by dogs, the owner of the farm pulled him (at 4 weeks old) and got him into rescue. We were very surprised that the one kitten that was deaf survived - perhaps because he was deaf he kept himself more hidden???
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Oh she is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Your trying to tease us aren't you???
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such an elegant lady
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