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My cat just urinated on me!!!

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I have 2 cats- Grace (3 year old Calico) and Cassie (6 month old tabby and munchkin mix). Grace was sleeping on me, and Cassie was running around making trouble. (She likes to tear/shred paper with her teeth for some reason.) I felt Cassie jump onto the bed, and the next thing I know, I felt this warm liquid on my foot!!!! She urinated on me!!! The litterbox is clean and she is a happy cat! Why would she do this??? Anyone have any suggestions??? PLease!
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She could have a UTI. Is she urinating elsewhere in the house? It would be best to have a vet check her out.
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I wish I had an answer for you, but-- what I can do is welcome you to the Cat Site. There is a forum for health problems that might be of more help to you.
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Hi cbruewer and welcome!

I moved your thread over to our Health & Nutrition forum, where it should get a few more hits.
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Thanks guys. I ended up calling the vets office. They said that since she is so young, she may just have gotten excited and couldn't make it to the litterbox, but I am keeping an eye on her. They told me to bring her in if she urinates anywhere else but the litterbox again. Thanks for your help!!
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How is Cassie a Tabby and munchkin mix?? As a Munchkin Breeder I have to tell you that a tabby is not a breed, it's a colour/pattern. The Munchkin part is of course a breed, the thing is weather it's a standard or non-standard munchkin. If either (or both) parent(s) was a Munchkin and she came out with long legs, then she's still a Munchkin, because she carries the gene. Does this make sense?

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