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Moving with kittens

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I'm considering moving from Northern Colorado to Southern California (2000ish miles). I need to do it as low-cost as possible, and was wondering if any of you can share your experiences of having cats in a car for that long. It's actually possible for me to drive it all in one day, but I'd stop at a motel if I needed to (both my fiancee and I have done it in one day, when traffic is right).

I know I'd need a litter box, a cat carrier, food, water, some toys, and probably their kitty bed in the car with me. Rowan is actually really good about travelling in a car, when he's not confined to the carrier (I can take him out on a leash). I haven't tried with Bella yet, but I can take a few trips around town to get her used to the idea. Her main issue seems to be that she hates being confined to the carrier.

Anyone ever drive 14 hours with kittens?
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a 14 hour drive with my cats sounds like a nightmare. They hate the car so I try to avoid putting them in there as much as possible. if i were making a long drive, i'd discuss some sedation options with my vet. I think it would really reduce the stress (on all 3 of us) of such a long trip.
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I think it depends on the cat. Bijou and Mika are very used to going out in the car with us. We put a pan of litter on the floor in the back and put down a dish of food and water. They travel quite comfortably and don't seem to mind. They do travel better together though - Bijou seems more relaxed if Mika is with us as well.

I would suggest putting a harness on both of them and having leashes ready so that if you have to stop you attach the leash to their harness before opening any doors. Or you could put them in a cat carrier (a large one that would hold both cats might be best as they would cuddle and calm each other).
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Due to unforeseen moving day problems our cats spent over 12 hours in their carriers when we moved house. I'm happy to report that they slept the entire time
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You might want to check out this link

Animal Transport
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My cat pandi was amazing in a car! I traveled with her often when she was a kitten and up till her last years, as long as I was with her and she was not in a crate, she was happy! I just let her out of the carrying case once she was in the car, had her litter available to her and talked to her. Every cat is different though and I truely believe it all has to do with adapting them to travel at a young age. Goodluck!
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