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So, are you done?

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Christmas shopping, that is?

I *finally* finished today, and I'm SO happy! All I have to do is wrap all the gifts and I'll be good to go.

Ooh, and check this out -- when I bought my food processor at Kohl's a couple weeks ago, they gave me a $30 coupon (they call it Kohl's Cash)....so today I used it to buy stocking gifts for everybody. I got lots of stuff and, with the $30 coupon, only had to pay $5 of my own money! The coupon had to be used by December 24, so I'm really glad I went today!
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Im not!!

Uuuuggg ... we have to wait untill the last minute because of .. money issues. Its driving me nuts!! We have 3 gifts for our son ... and thats it so far!!
I absolutly hate waiting this long - but you do what you have to do right?
Oh please keep us in mind as we brave the *shiver* malls and stores .. pray we come back alive and have all our arms intact!
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No, of course not! I am almost done though, thank goodness. I actually enjoy it, except for the last-minute rush. Thanks for reminding me gotta go go go!!!!
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I am essentially done, have been for quite some time! I did 90% of my shopping online this year and had it all shipped to my parents house so I don't have to haul it all on the plane.
All I have to do is run to trader joes to pick up a bag of wasabi cashews for my dad's stocking, which I'm doing later this evening.
I'm done with work til the 7th, done with school til January 23rd, and done with the shopping after today! Tomorrow I finish up laundry, vacuum and pack, and leave for FL on Thursday.
Feeeeeels good!
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All i have to get is my 2 sons some skate boards then im DONE!!! Got my hunny's last gift today and my daughters gifts are done!

So i consider myself done, bc the skateboards were something extra
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YES!!! I am all finished, but it makes me sad cuz that means Christmas will be here soon, and then it will be over I love Christmas!!

I got everything done last night and I even had $40 left over, so I went to American Eagle (my favorite splurge store!) and got myself a new awesome sweater and a new pair of black work pants from Vanity! I was so happy, I have spent the past 6 months buying for everyone else, that I thought it was time that I bought myself something

I went to Michael's (craft store) and got a 16x20 frame for my mom's pic for only $20, originally $45... I was so happy when I got to the counter to pay, I didn't even know it was on sale!!
I wanted to do a happy dance, but they probly woulda thought I was insane!!:
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I'm so done, all wrapped and everything I did all but a handful online also. I can't beleive how fast this year went by, as have the last 10 years.
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I'm almost done of course I've been saying that for weeks. Just a few stocking stuffers to pick up and nothing that would break Christmas if I didn't get out and get them. I even finished up wrapping last night. All that's left is to take all the gifts over to my parents house on Friday night and drop them off.

Saturday Gandalf, Samwise and I will pack up and go over to spend the night so it will be nice to only have the cats to lug around and not the Christmas gifts and over night bag.
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i am all finished sent wrapped presents to oregon last week and they got there yesterday.... yayyyyyyyy.........now wating for christmas to come.
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Originally Posted by babyharley
YES!!! I am all finished, but it makes me sad cuz that means Christmas will be here soon, and then it will be over I love Christmas!!
I *so* know what you mean. It's so sad when Christmas is over! I just love the lights and the music and the....coziness of Christmas. So sad when it's over!
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I've been done for 2 weeks. Well, except for one small gift for a co worker who is also a good friend. I just don't know what to get her. She reads a lot so I was thinking maybe a book light? Anyway.... house is clean & decorated, groceries purchased for dinner, presents wrapped, Jake's had his bath, Peaches has her ribbon on and I'm just sitting here waiting for the big day!
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Still need to get the kits their presents.

But then it just wouldn't be Christmas without fighting thos Christmas eve shoppers!
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Ooh, Stormy, that reminds me - I ordered some of those Pawbreakers for my kitties and haven't gotten them in the mail yet. I can't wait to see how my boys react to those babies!!
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I'm done!! I finished my shopping Saturday, and wrapped it all Sunday! Did my grocery shopping yesterday, so now all I have left to do is wait!
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done buying, wrapping and grocery shopping! Of course my husband only has to buy for me and is he done yet?
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Haven't even started!!!
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Yep! Just got my DH his last gift today! I am so relived too! Actually, except for him, I've been done for a while! For me, that is amazing!
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All done and have everything wrapped too. I just need to buy some chocolates and a gift certificate at a restuarant on Friday. So, I have plenty of time now to just sit back and relax and enjoy being at home and not out with the crowds!
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I havent even started yet I dont get my first full paycheck until Friday and then Im gonna go fight the crowds and battle traffic
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I'm done shopping, just need to wrap. I am awaiting Scott's present to come in th mail, the tracking thing says it will be here today (the 21st). He says he is awaiting my present as well. I got him a DVD burner with a pack of DVDs that store as much space as 2 disks (I already got those yesturday).

I love Christmas, but at the same time, I'm happy when its over just the same!!!
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I am done!... as of 8:30 last night, but I still have to wrap them.
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I think so... this year I left it much later than usual thoug, so I've been kicking myself for not getting done sooner. But it's all wrapped and tagged and bowed to perfection now. Apart from Rune's gift - he will wish for something that's odd sized and shaped. So his is just about covered in 2 metres of paper! The cat "helped"!
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I'm all done!.

In 2 hours we leave to have our office party where i'll be shaking my frame
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hehehe Susan as long as the frame dont' fall apart while you're getting jiggly with it I'm off to Rune's concert this evening - that should be good. LilleMUKO are always sold out, but I'm lucky to be living with one of their bass members. Choir members get first dibs on tickets you see!
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I'll try and stay in one piece Emma

Enjoy the concert
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No, not yet. On Friday perhaps.
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I'm still not finished and am feeling rather disorganized today.
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I think I'm all done! I'm still waiting for my parents' present and have a horrible feeling it won't arrive before Christmas!

I also know that I have other bits - that I bought quite early - that have now vanished into a black hole somewhere in the house!
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I have one of those black holes, as well, Sarah! It also contains numerous unmatched socks, a variety of pens, and a couple of keys!
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
I have one of those black holes, as well, Sarah! It also contains numerous unmatched socks, a variety of pens, and a couple of keys!
Stephanie, that's exactly like mine! I lost my Multi Remote in my black hole just a few days after moving and it took months to reappear!
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