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turkey gibblets

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So, I'm cooking a turkey right now, and I was wondering if my kittens can eat the gibblets. Should I cook them first, to get rid of any e. coli? I'm cooking the neck for gravy, and they can have that meat after, but I've seen the raw feeders talking about feeding cats gibblets. They're from a supermarket turkey, if that matters.
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Don't feed the neck unless its raw. If you want you can take the meat off of it but cooked bone is the only real danger with these diets. The giblets should be fine to eat, even raw. I know my cats are getting some. At least the organ meats are very good. However if I were to feed just liver or something one of my cats has a sensitive stomach and will get diarreah so I'm cautious with her. The others handle it well. They ALL love eating it though...
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fresh organ meat is a good thing for kitty... I would only be concerned if this turkey has a solution..
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Yes, they can eat them. Rinse the giblets thoroughly and give them raw.
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