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Drawing inappropriate inattention!

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I think it is very funny that my cats growl when they have caught or stolen something that they want to keep for themselves. It is a surefire way to catch my attention and lose their 'prey-toy'. I have thought it several times when one of them has brought in a mouse or bird, but I am not letting them out at the moment because of bad weather and feral dogs, and tonight I heard that growl. I discovered that Persil had jumped on the counter and stolen a chicken breast that I had foolishly left there, though it was wrapped in cellophane. She of course ran out the room with it and I had to corner her in the bedroom to get it from her. If she hadn't growled I might never have known till it was too late. Needless to say, once I had recovered it, I cooked it and divided it carefully among all five cats!
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*chuckle* Cats are so funny. They KNOW they are not supposed to have whatever it is and instead of slinking off for dark parts unknown with the blasted thing, they announce to the world beyond when they get it.

I have always had cats who announce their litter box activities. I think it is because I always praise them afterwards when they are babies and still learning ... but you can just almost "hear" them saying "Look, Mommy, I went POO POO!!!!" much like a toddler in toilet training. *ROFL*
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mine do the same!

i always know about an hour in advance if Jupiter's going to bring me a mouse because of the noises Mav makes. how does she know he's got one?!
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Know that it has been cold outside and with 8 inches of snow IF Bobber goes outside she is not hunting. However she will "announce" to be that she has once again "caught" he catnip filled banana or tigertail!!!
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Sashka used to do that whenever I gave her a chicken neck. She'd attack it and drag it off, growling all the while as if to say, `Don't you DARE try and get this off me!'. It was so cute as a tiny kitten because it was such a high-pitched little growl from such a tiny girl!
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