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Leaving Maj. Grey

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Okay, I'm only going on vacation for 6 days, but I am
already feeling *terrible*! Grey spent last night inside -
he came in round 4 pm, (he wanted in) and then I snuck
up outside and closed the patio door while he was sleeping...
he tried go to the door, but I just pretended to ignore
he was there, sneaky ole me!!.

Anyway it was a GOOD thing cause last night
was VERY windy and with wind chills down
around the 10F mark...Too cold for anyone to be out!!

He was a total love boy and well behaved,
not a peep. Whe I saw him at one point,
he was on the bed downstairs, LOL!! Napping
but alert...

I let him out this am. I have 2 people who are
helping feed him while I am gone (and taking
care of my own indoor/outdoor tribe..).

My kitties will be indoor only while i'm away.

Please send good vibes to me and my
other "caretakers" for Maj. Grey. Its
going to be quite cold Wed/Thur.
It will warm up for the rest of the
time, but he still has 2 days to get through...

Poor old guy. I truely think more and more
he was a cat that was played with as
a kit and then dumped when he grew up...
(or they moved and left him behind.)

He's just taming down so fast! All good tho.
If I can get him to learn indoor/outdoor by
meowing, I'd be all set!!
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I know how you feel but I am sure he will be just fine. That is one smart kitty. will he be able to have access to his basement while you are gone?
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Unfortunately Jen, he won't have access. Access is granted
when a) he looks ready to approach and b) I leave the door open
while heating, LOL!! (V. expensive!).

Then I have to sneak in
and close it after he's truely asleep and tired. That's how I know
it is "okay" for him to stay inside - on his part that is!!

But he's got 3 dry spots in the yard,
that have wooden sides,
dry ground with cardboard down and
then nice horsie blankies ontop, each
one at different spots and wind angles...
and his dog house on the deck stairs that he HAS been
spotted using.

And he did survive last winter
much harsher temps... so... he can do it
for 1 or 2 nights. After that it will
warm up.

I just hope he remembers
to come for food!! And doesn't quit
showing up cause I'm not there to "call"
him to supper, LOL!

When in last night, I was frantically calling thr
the house for Diablo who had been wormed earlier
in the day and suffered (I've never seen
this or heard of it, has anyone?) some type of
REALLY freaky and bad adverse reaction-
vomited all his food, enormous amt, then went
and (obviously not feeling well) hid behind my computer
desk in the corner.

I was terrified he was outside
and sick...I was hunting him outside calling
and all that stuff. My neighbors think I'm wierd

Grey heard me calling thr the house, and comes out of his
hidey hole in the basement to tell me in loud meows
"hey, here I am" I'm okay!!! It was v. sweet.

That guy is a smart cat sometimes...Caught him napping on
'the guest bed Lexi sleeps on when she's downstairs...

He's getting pretty smart to the ways of my household, LOL!!
Just a matter of time before he gets either the courage
to try pet flap, or the sense to stroll up and sit to come
in and go out... rather than run from me...
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I've been wondering how he was doing through all these ice storms. I'm glad to hear your weather will be warming up while he's stuck outside. Happy holidays.
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