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OK this is funny/cute/sweet/whatever...

The past week, Luna has been really happy when I get up in the mornings. I guess to her its our private time together without Patches and Beauty interferring. This past week has been more so than normal...
Well what's been happening is that I wake up in the morning and take my shower. She'll come in up until I turn the shower on. Then she runs out the door (probably it makes a noise I can't hear). Anyhoo, midway through my shower she makes her way back into the bathroom and gets all settled on the table next to the shower. As soon as I step out of the shower, she lets out this big "MEOW!" like "Surprise!"

This morning I happen to see her shadow as she was sneaking back in. Then I saw a little head quickly peak around the shower curtain. So I headed over to where I saw the head and with her back turned to me, I poked her. She turned around and belted out her usual meow as if saying "HEY! That's not fair!"

Somedays I swear I have my own kid...
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awww.. cute. my kitties also love hanging out while i'm in the shower. sometimes they'll reach around the shower curtain and pat my leg. so cute.
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That is really cute! If I poked Lily near the shower, she would probably poop herself! For some reason she no longer likes the shower since she got a shower in there once.
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Prue really seems to like the tub lately as well. she will follow me into the bathroom anytime i am in there, to the point of climbing into my lap ( or trying to) when i am going potty,lol. She also loves to get into the tub after someone had taken a hot shower. She did climb into my bath once when i was relaxing with a mud facial. needless to say we both got a scare,lol
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Originally Posted by white cat lover
That is really cute! If I poked Lily near the shower, she would probably poop herself! For some reason she no longer likes the shower since she got a shower in there once.

Yes, if I take a bath Luna would hang out on the edge...she stopped doing that after she figured out that I would eventually grab her at the end of the bath and dunk her in.
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That is so sweet!

My girls peep on me too! They sit on this ledge thing and bat at the drops. Then when I get out they hop in and stare at the drips falling. Oh and they get up on the wide side and bat at my loofa too!
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My cats have always liked to keep me company in the bath. I had one once that liked to lick the soap off my arm. I guess he figured out I was grooming myself, and wanted to help.
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Sibohan does something similar she sits on the counter when I turn on the shower she jets out of there. Then after a minute or 2 comes back in and gets on either the back of the Toilet and looks around the shower curtain or sits on the side of the tub pushing on the shower curtain. Even though the curtain is see through she seems surprised when I come out from behind it. Meows at me and waits for me to scratch her head before I'm allowed to dry off.
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Thats so cute! Im tellin you, kids in cat suits thats what they are.
If I shut the door when Im in the shower, when Im drying myself I hear Sleeves scratching on the door so I let him in and he jumps into the bath. He also sits on the edge of the bath sometimes while I'm showering.
The other morning Mark was in the shower with the door open and I heard, 'Lauren! Help!' so I went in and Sleeves had decided he needed a shower this day aswell and jumped right in. He was soaked, I had to wrap him up like a baby and cuddle him dry, I think this might have been why he did it...
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That`s sweet...she`s just invented another new "kitty game"!
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Seth likes to sit on the toilet seat or on my towel on the counter until I get out of the shower. She almost always joins me in the bathroom (as long as the door is opened and she's not sleeping), but she is still afraid of the shower being on. I often peek out from behind the curtain and she looks at me like she's concerned for my well-being!
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Originally Posted by stampit3d
That`s sweet...she`s just invented another new "kitty game"!
I think you're right...this morning, she continued to peek around the shower curtain and would duck her head back if she saw me catch her looking.

It really makes the morning somewhat fun.
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Another funny story, though not mine... My s/o's father was taking a bubble bath and Isabel (their kitten) came and perched on the side of the tub. She sniffed at the bubbles for a minute and then, apparently deciding they were solid, tried to walk on them and fell right in! When he lifted her out she rushed to her (human) mom and complained.

Toulouse likes to curl up in the bathroom sink while I'm in the shower and wait for me. If the shower curtain is open he'll peek in. We call him a voyuer.
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Puzzle will follow me into the bathroom, even if I'm going to the loo. She just jumps onto the washing machine and waits for me! Her cue to get down is when I flush the toilet, then she'll wait by the door until I've washed my hands.

She'll also sit on the bathmat when I'm having a shower upstairs, and if I peep round the shower curtain at her she'll meow at me. If I shower downstairs she'll jump up on the bath ledge and watch me, and if she doesnt come into the bathroom she'll wait by the door and when I come out she rolls onto her back and meows at me.

Who needs kids, I've got a cat
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Too cute!
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