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Apple I-book?

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Hello all!

Im in search of a new laptop b4 school starts next semester. I really like the apple ibooks. I am wondering if any of you have one and whats your opinion on apple products? My desk top is starting to act up so im searching now lol.

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Me! Me! I am a devoted Apple person. I have an iBook that is about 2 years old, a very basic model, but I really like the Mac OS. I also have a brand new desktop iMac, running the latest OS X, Tiger. The widgets on the dashboard alone are fantastic fun.

The only criticism I have about the iBook is that USB ports are on the left-hand side. I prefer to use a mouse with a laptop, and Apple's mice seem to have much shorter cords than others. So, it's a bit of a stretch with the mouse cord.
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My husband and I just bought an iBook about two months ago and we both love it. He's always been a Mac-addict, but I'm new to the wonderful world of Apple.

Our iBook has a Bluetooth, so we got a wireless, Bluetooth enabled mouse... no cord problems for us.

Really though... I've found our Apple to be very user friendly... I really like it and will never buy another pc.
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Thanks!!! You guys are making this choice very easy now!! Ive only heard good things about Apple! And yeah the laptop comes with bluetooth and i was already planning on getting the wireless mouse.

Thanks and keep the suggestions coming
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Ah well, I have a mac mini, and I love it, but don't have an Ibook or anyything.
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I have an iBook and Powermac G5 (and of course a PC) and I'm quite happy with both of my Macs. I'll probably be upgrading the iBook to a Powerbook later on in 2006.

An iBook is well worth it. Pretty much everything you need is included in the box, however you may want to consider another mouse (though I've heard that the new Mighty Mouse isn't too bad). Also note that all your Microsoft Word files are all cross compatible, just all you need to do is transfer any files over and you are set to go.
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Ok goofy question lol. What all do i need to make it wireless? Do i need to buy that airport extreme base station? I would like to take notes with it while in class and not have to plug it in what do i need or is it already ready?

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All you need is the Airport card. Once that is installed (which is very easy to do if you buy it separately), it will work with pretty much any router. No need for Apple's base station .
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We don't have one yet but we REALLY want one! This is a lucky thread to come across!
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I have an iBook and iMac and I love them! Due to the age of the OSX on them though, I really do need to upgrade - but that's a usual thing!
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I had some issues trying to configure a Linksys wireless router with my Apple computers. I ended up buying an AirPort Express Base Station. I love it.
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Thanks so much!!! Well the decision is made now have to wait till AFTER Christmas lol
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I'm assuming that you are a college student? Apple's Store for Education gives you a bit of a discount.
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Yep already know about the discount found out on my university website
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I love my mac mini. I know I would love the iBook.
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