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Slipknot Best Band Ever?

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Yes, I do believe that SLIPKNOT is the best band of all time!
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Can't say that I agree with your musical tastes. I think Linkin Park is the best! But opinions vary...much like music anyways.
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True, Slipknot is a good band and I enjoy thier music, but in my Opinion, Metallica, Pantera and Sepultura, I think their the best bands, can't decide on one.
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Any Social Distortion fans out there?
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I happen to favor Tool myself but I do like Linkin park a lot too.
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Boy, have I lost touch. I'm a music teacher, but it's been a couple of years since I left my job. The kids used to bring their tapes in for us to hear. Now--I'm still living in the past! You didn't mention a single group my students liked. Of course, when you're working with students you hear a lot of bubble gum music. You are more mature than that.
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I still go with Nine Inch Nails. Trent Reznor is amazing.

Funny that you mention Slipknot...One of my really good friends actually grew up with Cory from Slipknot. Of course, I still haven't met him, but Chad tells me that Cory comes in to town sometimes to see him. Small world I guess.
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NIN is awesome- Trent is God

I like a lot of the new bands surfacing. Haven't heard much of Slipknots stuff, but like what I have heard. My fave at the moment (NIN aside of course ) is Disturbed- anyone else a fan?. I like Linkin Park but I've worn the CD out, listened to it toooooo much. I'll be glad when they come out with a new one. Tool is great- the Enema CD rocks.

I'm so glad that there are lots of 'alternative' bands out there- theres nothing worse than being stuck listening to Top 40 boy bands or- GULP- Country (that should be a four letter word)

Anyone like Alien Ant Farm or Saliva?
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I also have to say I like System of a Down, Nickelback and Default.
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Spider by SOAD is awesome, as is Chop Suey
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:homer: I think that default SUCKS!!! "IM wasting my time, Im Wasting my TIME" Thats a default song chorus right? Well im wasting my time listening to that stupid song!
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That goes for NICKELBACK too!
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Nickelback and Default Dont Suck-I think they are the Best bands to Come out of Canada...Nickelback and Default are by far better than NIN.
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Default is okay. And Nickelback has their moments. But I think NIN is a much better band solely based on the one fact that they have an original style of music. Does anyone else find that most new bands coming out now all sound similar?? I guess it's a new genre, or something like that.
To answer krazy kat2: I love Social Distortion! They're pretty good.
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You know I have noticed these new bands are all sounding the same..... I never really gave it much thought until now. Like Defult sounds a lot like Creed and half the time I didn't realize that Defult was a band I thought their song was a Creed song.
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Better than NIN?? Saying that is just plain sacreligious NIN set the world up for this new stuff- listen to Pretty Hate Machine. I'll say it again- Trent Reznor is god

Btw, Scott, I saw Puddle of Mudd in the list under your signature- big thumbs up there LOVE the song Control. Blurry is good too, when I'm feeling more mellow
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I have never liked NIN, I like the Heavier Stuff, Like Pantera and Sepultura. Sepultura has Unique Music. So does Metallica. I'm not saying that NIN are a bad band, but I personally don't like them. The only music i listen to is the Really heavy stuff. NIN is heavy, But not as much so a Sepultura. Sepultura and Metallica are way better than any other bands out there in my opinion.
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Scott, I have never heard anything by SlipKnot, but I heard recently that one of them is living in Des Moines, Iowa now. (Just threw that in)
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NIN isn't a "them", NIN is a "him"

Most of the new mainstream does sound the same or at least you can match up two or three bands with one another. Not that I don't like them or anything and I even own a few CD's. I've been leaning more toward the electronic lately. And of course 80's new wave and early 90's alt.
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Originally posted by illusion
NIN isn't a "them", NIN is a "him"
Thats what makes NIN so phenomenal, IMO. A lot of people say they don't necessarily like NIN's music but they can appreciate the fact that Trent is an immensely talented man. And, of course people like Marilyn Manson wouldn't be where they were without Trent- hes brought a lot to the music world. Long live the king
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Ditto everything that Melissa said about NIN and Trent! (I even named my cat after Trent )

Debby - I am pretty sure that Cory is the one living in Iowa. He grew up there.

To be honest, I don't really keep up with the current heavier rock scene because many of the bands sound exactly the same. (And I can't listen to it at work which is where I usually listen to music.) That and when I switched to satellite instead of cable, I lost MTV-X. Does anyone have that channel? It is all hard-edged music videos, no stupid VJs, no stupid shows. Just music. I really miss it.

Vader - you are right - NIN is not a heavy band like Sepultura, etc. Totally different style - not better or worse, just different. Sepultura was always a little TOO heavy for my tastes, but I always liked bands like Megadeth, old Metallica (they have sold out and just become a**holes IMO), Anthrax etc.
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I also like some Motorhead too. Like the Theme they Just Did for WWF's HHH is really good. And, Sepultura is a Brazilian Band, so alot of their music is in Brazilian Language. I have to say that Sepultura's Albums Blood Rooted and Schitzophrenia are 2 of the Best Albums I have ever heard. Listening to NIN on CDnow, his music is nothing like sepultura's and Pantera's, which is the Kind of Music I like.
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By the way, OZZY is the real God. He Created Heavy Metal.
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Wellll...if ya wanna get technical Jimmi Hendrix came along before Ozzy....

Trent Reznor is unmatched, IMHO, in his genre of music (which isn't heavy metal) simply because he has no band- just a one man show. Thats talent
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Since we are kinda talking about heavy metal music...

Megadeth broke up today. Dave Mustaine was in an accident which has done serious nerve damage to his left arm. At this point, it is partially paralyzed. He said that he will be going through intense rehab, and wants to explore other avenues of music that he can still make a contribution to without being able to play guitar.
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Wow! I hadn't heard that one yet! I've always had a fond place in my heart for Megadeath- I listened to them a lot when I was pregnant ( maybe thats why the kids are always headbanging in the back seat of the car and sayin 'Turn it up Mom!' )

Serously though, that sucks
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Vader, I have to agree with you! Ozzy rules!
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Yes!!!!! Ozzy Does rule. I kinda liked his music better when he was in Black Sabbath, though.
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His Cd's "No More Tears" and "Ozzmosis" are my favorites of his.
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I like a lot of the groups and singers mentioned so far. Especially Linkin Park, Creed, Ozzy, NIN. I also really like Days of the New and Disturbed.

For all time favorites I have to go with U2. I know this thread has leaned toward metal, but I have to say U2 is the best band ever. In another 10 years, if some of those other bands are still around, they might be in contention, too. U2 has great songs, and longevity, and they are still putting out amazing music. And their early stuff has a punk edge to it that really rocks.

The Beastie Boys are also pretty cool.
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