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The how high can your cat jump thread!

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Murphy is part Kangaroo, he has to be. How else could he jump so high?

Now lets see all the acrobatic kitties!
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WOW!! Thats a high jump!! I can never get a good jumping picture of Harley He is a jumper too tho!!

Great picture!!
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Those are Serenity's feet at the top of the photo as she was in midair!

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If I could capture Stinky jumping over tables I know you would all enjoy the pics, but my camera is just too slow taking pics.
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Sibohan has been know to jump from the floor onto my shoulder. I'm 6'1" a decent jump for a little cat.
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Samwise, from a dead stop, feet firmly on the floor, jumps straight up to the top of a 6 foot, 8 inch high door and lands securely footed on the top of the 1-1/4 inch wide door. And he is a BIG cat. He does it so easily that we suspect he could go much higher if he wished.

This is not at all unusual for Turkish Vans, and many attribute this to their history of being "The Swimming Cat," as the breed has developed very muscular bodies and legs and is extremely active.
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This is Narsil at the end of the summer, he was still a kitten:

I did not take this pic, a cyber-bud was doing a sort of a walkabout trying to get his life back together after after his recent (unexpected) divorce, and we offered up a bed and some social company for a couple of days as he did a bit of travel about the South. The kitties loved him .

My camera can't seem to capture these flying leaps as the lag is too long.
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Diesel in full flight!

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They sure seem to like those toys! There is no way I can take a picture while I'm wiggling the toy, but Bitsy jumps that high AND does a 360 in midair when I play with her. Great pictures, everyone.
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Seth can jump about 4 feet high, but here's one of her going after her toy in mid-air
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We just got Arci a laser light. I trailed it up the curtain thinking he'd jump, but he ran up the curtain and touched the dowel.

Then I trailed it toward the closet door a few times and from a running start, he double bounced from the floor to mid door, then up to the top of the door.

I think I should rename him Tigger.
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These are very cool pictures. Never thought about trying capture one of these guys in mid-air

Our little Bob has jumped from the ground to top of my son's bunkbed in a single-bound. That has to be 6-feet or so!! I have always believed that Bob has Bengal blood running through is furry body
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I wish I could get a picture of tosca jumping - not only is she very high, but the little toerag is too fast as well!!
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O come on guys! You all can make kitty jump, focus the camera, zoom in etc... all at once LOL I could'nt have got my pic of Murphy if my bf was'nt holding the feather toy making him jump, and it took about 3 or 4 times before I wound up with a decent pic. I have tried to get him jumping when it's just me and him and the camera- that just does'nt work you always wind up with just cat legs in your pic or no cat at all LOL! So now everyone has to recruit a helper so we can see your jumping kitties!

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