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does anyone else sometimes feel the way i do?

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I am having problems with my Sable at the moment, and although I have posted a thread about her behaviour, I wanted to post one about how I feel.

I am just wondering if anybody else ever feels the way I do now. I feel so hopeless and powerless, I love Sable but when there is trouble with my kitties I tend to breakdown, and feel I cant handle having them anymore. I know I feel this way out of love for my kitties, and it makes me so guilty. Has anybody else felt this way? or maybe its just me, its all of love, I may think it, but I would never do it.

I'm sorry, I just needed someone to talk to.
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Oh, yes, I know exactly how you feel. I feel so helpless when my kitties act out and I know something is wrong. It is so frustrating when you want to help, and do not know where to begin. We rule out illness, then the real helplessness begins. I wish just for one hour, my kitties could tell me what is on their little minds, and why they do the things they do.
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Oh honey, stand in line. I am fussing over Princess Alexis right now and it seems like that is the only thing on my mind.

I HATE it when my babies get sick. It's so much worse than having children sick.

We are here for you. I have two shoulders and two ears and ten fingers. Use them whenever you want.
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oh wow, its so wonderful, for awhile I thought i was the only person, thank you all so much, now I don't feel so alone
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My Rosie had an upset tummy this morning and 4.45.p.m when i finish work can't come quick enough until i get home to make sure she's ok
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I feel like this too. You know when somethings not right with them, because they act wierd and its so upsetting knowing they cant tell mum.
I also get like that if I know they are going to be alone all day. I feel rubbish.
I always joke with Mark saying they are likes kids in cat suits
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I feel so hopeless when teufel acts like he has ADD I sometimes think i need a Cat Nanny to stop attacking his sister and us so badly
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Absolutely. I'm going through the same thing. See this thread. I don't want to give up on her, but I'm not getting any support, and I don't know how much more I can take. No one I know seems to understand how important it is to me, and how much it's killing me. They act like everything will magically work out, but I'm the only one doing anything to make it work out. I'm sensitive and empathic by nature--especially for people and animals who can't help them selves--so when something is wrong with my cats, it completely consumes me. No one gets that I don't want to talk about trivial things when there is something so important happening in my life. It even annoys me when people laugh. I feel like if they're here, they should be helping me, not being so self-centered they don't see what is happening here, or to me.
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They are like kids, and right now I have one that's still got feline acne, after weeks of treatment, and one that's still sneezing, and my baby cat is HYPER, and somebody keeps puking up hairballs...

It is easy to feel helpless when there is so much going on, and esp. since I work during the day. Poor kitties. Poor mama, too, for being such a worrywart.
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Funny you should ask that question today....Today Timmy, (my semi-feral) showed some signs of an eye infection or possible scratch....I have made some progress with him letting me pet him and sneaked bits of healthy human food to him, offering treats to him a little more than I normally would with my other cats, to see if he'll come around. But he still jumps up and runs when I walk too close. Today, I had to catch him somehow, and he was in the litterbox so I slowly got up and closed the door, and then proceeded to catch him when he got done in the litterbox. This was probably the only time I would be able to get him. He ran around the room and then ran into the closet which I have open and have open cat carriers in there for them to sleep in if they choose. Luckily he ran right into one and I just popped the door on and that was that. My big problem is, when we get home, he's probably going to hate me again, and I could almost cry! I have been trying with him for months, and he seems like he wants to like me and he even purrs when I pet him, but now, he's probably going to go through withdrawls......He's in the carrier right now meowing and trying to paw his way out. It's heartbreaking, although I know it's necessary to get the eye checked out. I'm going back to work now to have him looked at, hopefully it's nothing, or else I'll have to leave him there so I can catch him every day to medicate him! I really want him to trust and love me, but I fear this will be a big set back for us.
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I am generally a pretty calm, laid back person. But sometimes in matters of kids or pets, I get really wound up. And I feel the anxiety, and know that it is impairing my decision making process sometimes. I hate that. Luckily, dh is an even keel person. So if I feel like I am looking at a situation emotionally when logic is needed, he is a great resource.

Once, ds rode his bike between the cars, and scraped the handlebars down the door that had just been replaced. I was furious! I'll never forget, dh said the infraction is "breaking the rule which is don't ride your bike between the cars". The infraction is not "you just scratched the door we spent $1,000 replacing."

He does the same with illnesses. He is very good at saying, the cat puked, maybe she ate too fast. Where I start worrying that it could be the beginning of something serious.
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Well I just got back with Timmy, and funny enough, it looks like I overreacted. His eye is fine, possibly just something in it, which makes sense with all the cleaning I've been doing, he's probably allergic to the cleanliness! Lol...Anyway, I got him out of his carrier and put him in my lap for a few minutes while he calmed down and looked around. I pet him and scratched under his chin and then just gently let up and he just slowly walked off my lap, and proceeded to go hide under the bed for a while. Hopefully the "circle of trust" isn't too damaged!
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My kitties rarely are sick or out of sorts, but if something is amiss, I'm a basket case. I call in sick to work and stay home! If I come home from work or on the weekend, I rarely sleep and wake up constantly, all night, to go check...
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I know just how you feel... when Kanoe got sick all I could think about was "how do I make this better?" The vet told me, "this isn't your fault"... funny... it didn't help very much...
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Both of my kids were in the hospital for a couple of days after they were born. They both had Jaundice. I was a nervous wreck.

Riley once ate one of the girls hair ties. He was one sick kitty. I felt the exact same way when he was sick as my human babies. I was a wreck. I cried all day at work while he was in surgery. I couldn't wait to see him. I called the vet at least 20 times to check on his status. I asked to visit him when he was awake. When I saw him I cried and wishes I could take his pain for him. I would have gladly done so without complaint. When he came home I wouldn't let him out of my site.

Love is love....human or feline We want our loved ones healthy and happy. Even if it makes us unhealthy and unhappy.

You are not alone.... I KNEW something was wrong with Riley. We gave up a cruise to pay for the bills to keep him a healthy part of our family. No more hair ties or strings laying around our house either.

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Yes, yes indeed.

Max said the other day that he sometimes wished he had have thought more carefully about getting the doggers. Although he loves and adores them they are a big commitment and responsibility and VERY hard work.

He said in hindsight he would have let me get a Bengal instead.

NOW he tells me!!

But we wouldn't give them up, ever, not for the world. They are the lights of our lives. And neither would you with your baby. Everyone has these times, and it is a sign of loving and caring for your animals.
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Yup, for sure. I feel sick about the situation with my Holly cat at the moment.
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