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Still standing (sort of)

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Well, I finally got around to putting up the Xmas tree on Sunday afternoon. I knew my older girls would leave it alone, but was a little concerned about what Peter and Claire would do. I was really curious to see whether or not it would still be intact when I got home from work yesterday afternoon. To my surprise, it was! Not an ornament out of place. I was so proud!

I went into the other room to do a few things, with Katie and Gracie not far behind. When I went back into the living room no more than 10 minutes later, the tree, which stands about four feet tall, was leaning over, the lower branches were bent, the lights were hanging off and there were ornaments scattered everywhere. Peter and Claire were laying in the middle of the living room floor calmly grooming each other. They both looked up at me as if to say, "What's wrong? We didn't do anything!"

Just wish I wouldn't have left my camera at work!
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We just put ours up today, and Blue was in it as we put the ornaments on. I shooed her off a few times, but we won't be using any breakable ornaments this year!
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