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Another Picture Of My Kittie Quickie!

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She is the cutest little kittie...
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Scott she is a very pretty girl! I just love tuxedo cats. Those masks are just too cute!
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all kitties are beautiful. cats rule and dogs drool! pretty kitty!!!!!
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what if the cat was bald, missing teeth, part of an ear, and had 1 eye, would it be beautiful then? I dont mean to sound mean!
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To me, appearance isn't everything. All animals, cats, dogs, hamsters, etc., are beautiful to me. In fact, if the animal was like you said, bald, one eye, missing teeth, ear, whatever, I tend to like them a little more because they need that extra special care.
Your cat is pretty! Looks just like one of mine, Cleopatra. Except Cleo had a black nose, not white.
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i don't love my cats because of their color or how fluffy they are. i love them because there cats. yes, i would love to have a fancy breed cat because they are gorgeous. but i would never ever ever pay for a cat or any animal. nor would i love it more because it was a little prettier.why buy an animal when theres so many that need good homes. besides there all the same under the fur just as we are the same.
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Quickis is a cutie pie!
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You asked a good question. I agree with Falling_Rain21, for me it's the individual personalities of cats which makes them appealing more than appearance or breed. Also, cats are so nice to come home to.

BTW, that picture of Quickie is really cute. It looks like she was sleeping when she heard someone trying to sneak up on her with a camera.
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You know it's funny. My Persian Sampson can be described as having a face only a mother could love. His eyes are crossed, his nose is so tiny, his face is flat and he looks like he's always scowling but to me he is the cutest thing around and I wouldn't want him to look any other way.
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Love the cat picture! looks like she is winking at us!!
In answer to your question:
I would think a cat who was not so attractive on the outside was beautiful, too, because it is the heart of the cat that matters, and cats like that who have obviously had a rough life, need lots and lots of love!!!!
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Scott- I think that the animals that are not so beautiful on the outside have the most grateful hearts.......
Remembering what my mom used to say.....'beauty is only skin deep' ~ She was a wise woman!
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