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clumping litters and kitty health

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I am trying to find information about if or how clumping cat litter affects a cat's health. I remember seeing something about this a while back. While I love the convienence of this type of litter, I am worried about it affecting my cat's health. If any of you know something about this or know of a source I could go to I would really appreciate it. THANKS!
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Cheyenne's Mom,

I don't believe clumping litter can effect a cat's health. I do know that kittens that are new to litterboxes will sometimes try to eat the litter which will cause an intestinal blockage. I have never had a problem with any of them.

Anyone else?
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Have used the clumping litter for years and have had no problems with it. Have cats from one year up to sixteen years of age at his time.
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I use clumping litter without any problem.

At some time it received a bad rep. This site seems to sum it up very well...


I like this page most as it discusses one case thoroughly and then gives the criticism:


Just don't stop reading in the middle, as the responses are also of value.
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I use World's Best Cat Litter. It's corn based, breaks up immediately in water (toilet,) has good texture, almost no dust, but is more expensive. Phoebe and I love the stuff. Look for cat shows in your area. That's where I found this litter, and much cheaper (show prices are good deals.)
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