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please help

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I am on the verge of crying, Sable is just getting so very out of control

she has just peed on my doona, and is now running around like a madman, I dont want her to pee again so I am trying to keep her out of my room, but she thinks its a game and when i pick her up she practically attacks me! she meows non stop at the door wanting to get out, i think she is going out of heat. And i know your first thought would for me to get her spayed, trust me, I plan too when I can afford it, but what can I do in the meantime??
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There may be a little something you can do to ease her symptoms a bit - I have had some small success but of course, as cats as so individual, your milage may vary. *smile*

There was a thread recently in the Breeder's Corner (I didn't want to copy the link as there is a LOT in there that is not pertinent to your situation) which touched on photoperiod anestrus. Many females are very much driven to come into estrus when the light and temperature changes in the Spring and Summer months - this is why we call it "kitten season". If you can mimic the season when estrus normally doesn't occur, you might be able to ease her symptoms a bit if not bring her totally out of estrus. Here is what I do:

With Lexus, I use my bedroom as her confinement area. I move her litter box, food and water dishes and her favorite blankets, toys, scratching post/condo in there and I close off the drapes so that it is dim but not totally dark during the day. At night, I do have a small nightlight on my bedside table, but it is only a small bulb and not much light. I close and cover the heating vent so that the room isn't heated. (It never gets actually ~cold~ in there, but it does stay about 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the house.) Since my desk/home office is in there, I am in with her frequently. I guess I've been lucky as I have had some small success with it. She does seem to settle down and be a lot more calm.

Of course, you already know that you need to have your girl spayed and I feel confident that you will be doing that just as soon as you can so I won't harp on that.

Best of luck,

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