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Found Small Lump on Back!

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Help! not sur eif i am paraniod or not but i will be bringing Kal-El to the vet tonight about it. this morning i went to go to pet him like usual and i found a small hard lump about the size of a dime. now he is only four months old but can a kitten get cancer or could this just be a sore. if anyone can help before i go to the vet i would realy apreciate it.
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Has he had any recent vaccinations in the area?
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Thats what i was thinking?!
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yah two weeks ago though
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There is a VERY good chance that is caused by the vaccine. Your vet will have you watch the lump for the next 3-4 weeks to see if it gets smaller and disappears.
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Good for you for noticing the lump on your little one's back. You are very wise to have this checked promptly.
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thank you, if it is a reaction from the vacine would it disapear?
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Just so you all know Kal-El will be just fine, i went to the vet last night and they told me it was a reaction to the rabies shot he recieved. and that its normal and will disapear in 2weeks i would like to thank everyone for the great advice and great suport. i knew i loved this site for a great reason. god bless and mery christmas to all!
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I don't know what y'all's take on this is, but we recommend vaccinating in the lower area of the back legs, as low on the thigh as possible. Some vaccines have been known cause cancer and it's easier to remove a leg with cancer than remove a tumor from the shoulder blade area. We use the right for rabies and the left for Leukemia and Distemper, and record it in the chart, so we always know, in case anything comes up later. You may want to ask your vet to do the same, just a thought...
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