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Rafe the attack kitten

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Well I've read a lot of similar posts but thought I'd start a "help me gain control of my Storm Trooper Kitten" thread

Rafe is now 11 and a half weeks old. Probably a lot of his behaviour is related to his age and the fact that his mum died when he was still not weaned properly, but I think I need to make some effort to help him control himself before he learns that behaviour is okay and continues it as an adult.

Essentially he's incapable of going through five awake minutes without launching an assault on me. It's only friendly play, but seriously he bites and scratches hard! I've tried seperating him and blowing in his face when he attacks but he doesn't seem to be able to put the consequenses together with his actions.

I guess my question is how long do I have to continue before expecting some sort of behavioural change? I was considering trying the spray bottle idea, but I was worried about confusing the messages? I don't want to mix signals.

It really is a serious worry because the above behaviour linked with the fact that he can't jump high enough to reach my lap (so has to use his claws) and the fact that he still hasn't got great balance, means that I am literally covered in scratches. Arms, legs, everywhere - people are starting to comment LOL
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Max is nearly eight months old and still has to climb me to get anywhere! He is getting better though, he was a terror only a few months ago.

Could you get a playmate for Rafe, a kitty his own age that he could spend his energy chasing?
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ooooh this is so familiar....
We got Sleeves when he was 6 weeks and I think this was too early for him to be taken from his Mum. He was mad, climbed our legs to get onto the counter etc etc and I used to have to run for my life if I was going anywhere without shoes on.
I remember one Saturday I was gutting our spare room, had old clothes on etc but had to wear trainers the whole day because I just couldnt handle him constantly attacking me. This happened ALL the time and it was always me more than my boyfriend.
I have so many scars, apart from this he was the friendliest kitten ever. He's now 7 months old. We got him neutered about a month ago and it didnt do much to calm him down, infact to begin with he was a lot more aggressive, possibly in pain or something? I thought it was never going to end...
And then we got Nismo!!! She's only 9 weeks old, we've only had her for 2 weeks but what a difference in Sleeves! He has turned into this loving adorable machine. I can honestly say he has not attacked me ONCE since we got her.
He spends most of the time (if he's not snuggled up on the bed with her) rolling around the floor with her or chasing her around the house, or vice versa so has no time for my feet. He has just calmed down so much, he's even a lot more friendly and trusting of new faces.
Definately think about getting your baby a little friend, the younger you do it the better. Good luck and keep us updated!
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Gosh, Bijou went through this stage too. He would actually chase me to bite my ankles. My legs looked like I had been attacked by a lawn mower until he outgrew this kittenish behaviour.

I would have to stop and stand completely still for him to stop, say no loudly or hiss at him, otherwise he considered any movement on my part was playing.
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