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Bad news

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My daughter has a whole family of cats. Mama,daddy and their four children kitties. These are her babies too. She was told by the vet that the mama cat has FIP. He sent a sample for testing. Now she has to take in daddy and the four babies. They are about 7 months old. She is taking them today. She has cried over the weekend waiting for the test and then when the vet confirmed the test was positive she was a mess. She is afraid this will wipe out her whole family. Actually she said she might as well die too if they were gone. I am really worried about her not that she would do anything to herself, but she is just sick from the stress. If the cats have FIP can they live very long? I have looked at so many websites and all they all seem to conflict. One says they can live a full life. and then another will say it is a death sentence. Please tell me something. Her and her husband are so cute with their cat family. They all love each other so much. Thanks
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I had a male cat who got FIP when he was 12 years old. I was so scared all my other cats would get this disease. Unless things have changed since then, I was told that only 5% of the cats exposed to FIP will actually get it. None of my cats contracted the disease. I am so sorry about your friends cat. FIP is awful disease.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your family . I am under the impression that FIP is lethal in the short term. But maybe I'm wrong .
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I'm sorry to hear about your daughters cats. I can't answer your questions but I will pray for all of them and your daughter and send you good vibes.
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From my understanding, FIP can take some time before it starts to kill. It must vary from one cat to another. I don't know much about it, but from what I remember, I think it starts to attack a vital system, and it's once that starts that the cat's fate is sealed. Until that process begins the cat can live a long and happy life. I could be entirely wrong...

I'm very sorry to hear about your daughters cats!
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I am praying for them.
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Sending good wishes to your sister and her cats. I hope everything turns out ok.
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Is the mother cat sick, or was the test done as a matter of routine?
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Please see this website, has the most accurate up-to-date information about FIP
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So sorry....
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Aww, I am very sorry to hear about those cats....I am really hoping that everything turns out OK.
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Originally Posted by sweetiecat3
Aww, I am very sorry to hear about those cats....I am really hoping that everything turns out OK.
She took her cats to another vet and he said just because they tested positive didn't mean they have FIP. They are eating and playing and this has been awhile so she is thinking that they are fine. They did get immune shots and they put them on antibiotics. I am so sorry I haven't been on here to tell everyone but my grandpa was very sick and he died tonight. This is my way of coping. The catsite. Thanks everyone for all your prayers and wonderful advice. God came through for the kitties and also for grandpa. He was very very sick. God Bless you all
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SOOO sorry to hear this!

I went through losing a beautiful persian kitten from FIP and was worried the others were infected.
Luckily they weren't.

It's so sad, wish it weren't happening to her, and you.
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If the cats just "tested" positive for FIP then it really means nothing except that they have been exposed. Most cats would test positive if tested. It means they have about a 5% chance of ever getting FIP. It's really nothing at all to worry about.
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I don't know enough about FIP to be any help, but it sounds like the kitty family might be OK? That's good! So sorry about your Grandpa, though. It's so much harder when sad times come over holidays that are supposed to be happy. God bless you as you lay him to rest and I hope the new year gets going better for you and your family.
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