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Cat Pages ?

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Any idea when the Cat Pages will again be available? Seems they have been down for quite a while.

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The Reason the Pages are down is Because of data Base Upgrade. The Webmaster of TCS just had a baby, so as you can imagine, she probably doesn't have much time for the Internet. You can still make and View cat Pages By following The Links Down Below

Make a Cat Page
View Existing Cat Pages
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This is a really neat area where people post pictures of their kitties & a brief story about the kitty.

Usually one can get to them by clicking on 'Cat Pages' at the top of the screen, below the row of cat faces. Since they are under maintenance now it doesn't work.

However there is a link in the post just before yours that will take you to them. Think it says something like 'View Cat Pages.'

I didn't realize Anne did the work on the cat pages else I would have not have questioned why they have been down for so long. With all the extreme events going on where she is in Israel I would understand why she has had to let some of her ertwhile duties slide.

Betty M
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I'm so sorry about that... I meant to get it all finished before the birth but I couldn't manage it. It got stuck when the programmer I hired had some problems and I just didn't have the time to deal with it. The upgrade should have taken only a couple of weeks and the downtime was supposed to be no longer than 2 hours! ha! So much for computer geeks...

I have contacted the server today and I'm waiting for their reply re: some tech issue. When I get that I can hopefully get things back on the move...

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