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The christmas spirit, and goodwill towards men...

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I noticed alot of people around are in the xmas frump....So i thought I would share this story w/ you, about a teenager who made it so a family would still have a marry xmas, no matter how cruel the world is

This kid was already doing his part for the Christmas season.....And then he went far and beyond the call of duty.....

God Bless him....

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Wow. The fact remains that he didn't even have to, if there's a person who deserves a ticket to Heaven, it's him.
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Proof that there really are angels here on Earth
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Wow, what a scary thing! I am so glad he was there to help.

On a much smaller scale, I was mailing out a package today. I was boxing up the stuff at the post office, so I was letting people go ahead of me as I boxed it up. One lady tried to save my spot ahead of her. Another helped by holding the box shut as I taped it. It was just so heartwarming, because I know everyone hates to wait in line. But they were all being so nice.

Merry Christmas to all!
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what an evil man (the kidnapper).

how could anyone think of trying to abduct children at this time of year?
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On Fox News they are revisiting the areas affected by Katrina. But one of the things they are focusing on are the groups of college students who are using their time off between semesters to go down to that still devestated area and do whatever they can to help. Instead of going home to spend 2-3 weeks lounging around and getting presents for Christmas, they are donning work gloves or contamination suits to make a difference. I thought that was so wonderful that they are doing that. One group said they can't believe there aren't more college students down there now. They organized the trip to Mississippi themselves, no sponsors from the college.
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Awesome story =)

My mum and I went to pick up or Christmas Care package from Salvation Army on Tuesday morning. They was an elderly lady walking infront of us to the building. We realized that we had to go through the side door to get our stuff, so mum and I each took one of the ladys arms, she also ahd a cane, and helped her back to her car, and told her to follow us to the side door. We helped her inside and signed her up, and let her cut infront of us int he line, but one of the employees came and brought her to the front of the line and helped her get her gifts and food into the car. On the way back she gave each my mum and I a kiss on the cheek, and wished us a very Merry Christmas.
I don't know what the poor lady would have done.
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What a great kid! Not a lot of people young or old are willing to step into danger for the sake of someone else. He is an Angel for sure.

I know first hand how often parents are separated from their children. Thankfully ALL with positive outcomes.

I work in a retail store where we use a certain "code" for a missing child. My heart sinks and I kick into high gear everytime it happens. (Way too often!) Luckily all children have been found within 10 minutes or so.

Recently it was a child in a stroller who was missing. The child had "walked" his stroller away from his mom. Can you imagine how easy it would be for a stranger to push a child away in a stroller?

I once had a girl who was 8 yrs old approach me and ask me to help her contact her Dad. Dad was in the food court at the opposite end of the mall. She was given a quarter to get a gumball and kept walking looking for a gumball machine. The mall I work in is BIG. It was probably a good half mile from the food court to the store I work at. We then called mall security, paged the parents and told them their daughter was safe and where she was. The parents were frantic. Luckily their daughter was smart enough to find someone with a name tag and ask for help. Smart kid

It happens so fast. I try to think of every "code" we have had when I see kids on a "leash". It may make people mad when they see kids on "leashes" but at least those parents are only trying to keep their kids close while letting them walk on their own.

Anyways...sorry to go off topic. This young man should get a citizen's award. What a great story.
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Poor scared little bubs!
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