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New York Transit Strike

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Hope all you New Yorkers have different ways of getting to work.......

And right before Christmas too....this is going to be a mess
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Awwww, they can't retire with a full pension till they're 62. Cry me a river. If any of those union layabouts had to live in the real world, they'd starve in a month. I wish the MTA could kick them all out and start over.
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I totally agree with you Vibiana. I also heard that they were demanding a 24% pay increase immediately. I don't know the veracity of that, though, or how many or how large the pay increases have been in the past. This article didn't mention it.

I can say that with few exceptions Unions have outlived their usefulness. Seriously, do athletes really NEED a flippin' Union? Don't they get paid enough already? When the grocery workers here were on the verge of striking last summer, we talked to more than one of our regular checkers who hated the idea of striking. They were quite willing to make the concessions that the employers wanted, within reason, but told us straight out that the Union was being way too greedy.

I understand their importance historically, but what I see Unions demanding (and striking over) is utterly ridiculous in this day and age. Retirement at 55? That's a luxury very few can make today, and yet they demand it like working to 62 is a hardship. Pensions? Not the norm anymore, and obviously that system isn't working well in the corporate sector. Once again - such a hardship for the future employees to pay 6% into it for the first 10 years. Try a 401(K) and see how well they like them apples. That's what the rest of us get. And we're just happy to be able to pay pre-tax dollars into it!
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My dad was a steelworker and he actually CHOSE to be promoted to a desk job and out of the union because he was so sick of working with the "union mentality." They think differently about everything, and the employer is the enemy. I don't know how anybody could go to work day after day thinking like that.

Now that I work for a religious organization, some years all I get is a cost of living adjustment of 1 or 2 percent, and not always do I even get that. In the last fifteen years I can only recall one raise of more than 3 percent at ANY job. Most of the companies on my resume (going back 20 years) are out of business, and I have been downsized out the door too many times to count. Union workers have been living in a dream world. It's time to wake the heck up!
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My dad has been in the newspaper union since he got out of college, He is very pro unions....

I myself am a little torn when it comes to the UNION issue.....

In some regards, like w/ my dad I can see the usefulness for them...MY dad worked his butt off for all his employers, and the job secutiry and health insurrance that the union gave him,was in my opinion a no brainer for someone who works like he does, and needed to support a family.

Also I know a few years ago, janitors, in New York, who happened to be mostly latin immigrants, were getting paid a measly 5$ an hour, w/ no healtth insurance, no job security, and someone them were even having to pay upper management money out of their own pockets so they could keep their jobs.....I feel the union they eventually started was essential for their survival.......

But then there are the others.....
The ones who throuroughly abuse the system.........The baseball union is rediculous in my opinion.....No way a guy who hits a ball w/ a bat should be given more money then a doctor who has to save mylife during an emergency..Plus baseball players who decline union membership recieve no benifts, and are not allowed to be featured in basaball video games..or sell any merchandise that bares their name...I don't even think they are allowed to have baseball cards made.... How rediculous.....

Then there are people who abuse the little unions...Johns mom is in a union job....and she abuses it constantly....She shows up to work twice a week maybe.....She is constantly pulling money out of her pention (a union benifit)..She has even taken loans out through her work when John was in college...Not that the money ever went towards Johns college.......Any other person who acted like this would and should be terminated...However she will continue to keep her job, reap the benifits, and retire w/ a cush pention all because the upper management is scared to death of the union......

So yeah I am torn...I see the positives and negatives of Unions....I wouldnt call all union members "union layabouts"....however there are definity some I would
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Traffic has been really bad. Luckily I have a car so I can get around, its just really slow. I hope this strike ends quickly.
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They threatened to go on strike in Toronto too and pretty much got what they wanted right away as soon as it came to the actual strike. Its a pity that they can hold cities hostage like that knowing they will get what they want because cities can not function without transit.

My BF owns his own insulation business and union run jobsites are rediculous - I understand the rules there for safety - but these guys are told by the union to take almost 2 hours in breaks per day for their safety - (because we wouldn't like them to get tired not doing their jobs would we?) yet on top of their piece work wage they are to be paid for these wasted hours or they just won't come to the site.

Yet in that two hours of break (and you can tell this really annoys me) they can drink all the booze they want and get onto a forklift/boom truck/bulldozer and drive and then drive their cars home afterwards. there is no rule against that (apart from the obvious laws which are ignored because the sites are under construction and therefore are not actual roads and the police don't have any say in it until they leave the site)

For those jobs that the unions are set up because of the way people are treated then yes I am all for them - but the majority of the ones around now are there just to get as much as possible from the employers even if it means the business has to go bankrupt in the mean time and they all end up with no jobs!
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The strike is illegal per New York law, but apparently the union leader's don't care. Nor, apparently, do they care that the workers are getting docked 2 days of pay for every day that the strike goes on. Now, the international arm of the Union is urging them to go back to work and stop the strike, while the NY State Supreme Court found the Union in contempt for ignoring the two injunctions against striking.

I hear things like this and wonder just who the union is trying to protect? The workers are the ones who will ultimately suffer the most for their calling for a strike, all over a 2% bump in pension contributions and getting closer to the average retirement age for the rest of the country. It seems so ludicrous to me!
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Take a page from Pres. Reagan's notebook and fire all the striking transit employees!!

Oh, and arrest the union leaders.

Originally Posted by valanhb
The strike is illegal per New York law, but apparently the union leader's don't care.
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The last strike they had there lasted 11 days, lets hope this one isn't that long. I talked to my friend today who lives there and she says it is a nightmare. If you drive, you have to have at least 4 people in the car with you, or you get a ticket. Some college kid were using blow-up dummies, but he got tickets anyway. Guess he might have gotten away with it but he forgot to dress the dummies.
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Originally Posted by coaster
Take a page from Pres. Reagan's notebook and fire all the striking transit employees!!

Oh, and arrest the union leaders.
Couldn't agree more, Tim! Considering the strike is illegal to begin with, I think that course of actions wouldn't be unfounded.

The Judge is calling the Union Leaders into court today, and he has told them that they could be going to jail. I hope he follows through, honestly. Also heard he's fining the Union $1 million per day. Not nearly what the city is losing, as I've heard almost 1/2 a BILLION dollars in revenue per day. Once again, this is NOT helping the Union workers, because those fines will end up coming out of their pockets.
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Just heard on the news they've agreed to go back to work while negotiations resume. I guess the judge was convincing.
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Just in:

Union directs NYC Subway and Bus Workers to end strike. Operations should be getting back to "normal" soon. This was as of 12:35PM MST (2:35PM EST).

(this was from Reuters news service)

Edited to add the following-----

And just in from CNN:
Executive board of striking New York transit workers' union votes to go back to work while talks continue.

And AP is essentially saying the strike is over.
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