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hair loss under neck?? causes??

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One of my foster cats have started loosing hair under his neck...
His sister had ringworm so i presumed it was ringowrm and did the treatment but that has not helped.

The skin is not red like it is when they have ring worm. It almost looks like it's dry and flakey a bit like when people get eczema.

what could it be??

i can't take him to the vet for a day or so....
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It could possibly me demodectic mange........A big syptom of that is hair loss

Is it itchy???

I would say as soon as you can get him to the vet.....mange is uncomfortable

good luck
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sorry to deliver this news, but check gums for sensitivity. It is another symptom and together are pretty conclusionary, but have a blood test done. It's cheap and results are fast!
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I wouldn't jump the gun and assume it is FIV- there are so many other things it could be that are minor. Such as just fleas, have you flea treated this cat with an over- the-counter product recently?

Also in the care and grooming section of the forum is a stuck thread at the top of the forum about skin diseases. You might take a look at it.
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well i guess it could be but the moher cat was tested and she was negative for felv and fiv...

it looks just like a skin problem...

the imaverol seems to have stopped the itching.

i need to get everything disinfected tonight.
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and also apparently fleas are very very uncommon here in dubai... this is according to our vet. she said she rarely treats cats for fleas... possibly it is just too hot in the summer. i have been keeping my eyes open for any tell tale signs though...
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Pixel's neck is sensitive - she will sometimes get hair loss if her collar is rubbing her wrong. she wears a beastie band, & i have to trim the hard edges off of the velcro to prevent it rubbing a bald spot. does your cat wear a collar?
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