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Ear Mites

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I'm pretty sure my new rescue kitten has ear mites. She shakes her head from time to time and has black dots in her ear. I'll be taking her to the vet soon, and I'll get the ear drops and everything - I had a rescued cat who had this when I got him before, and I know it's not a huge deal, but I was wondering: Can dogs get ear mites from cats? I asked the shelter staff whether there were diseases that my puppy could get from a kitten who had been abandoned and they said not, but I didn't ask about ear mites specifically, since I hadn't noticed it yet. She's bound to have a few bugs from being unvaccinated and abandoned in unclean conditions, so I'm wonderin what I should be careful of when it comes what can be transmitted to by dog. I don't have any other cats. Thanks.
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Yes puppies can get ear mites from cats.....Along w/ lots of other external along w/ a few internal parasites...Though it is for frquent for cats to get ear mites than dogs, it is still possible......It surprises me that the shealter workers would say that since they deal w/ kennel cough which can spread from cats to dogs and back.....

Just keep an eye on your pup, and then ask the vet about the risks when you bring your kit in.......

Good luck
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